Case filed against striking employee of Regardie men

Photo credit: the telegram-channel Baza

Employee of Regardie suffered during checking the documents the two men in the center of Moscow. In one criminal case. About it reports Agency “Moscow” with reference to the press service of the Central Orsha-khinganskiy red banner district of national guard troops of the Russian Federation.

the Incident occurred on Frunze embankment. The Ministry said that when checking the documents of men from them was followed by an aggressive response, then one of them attacked an employee of Regardie, dealing a blow to the face.

the press service added that the attackers were promptly delivered to the police Department. During personal inspection of one of the detainees was discovered and seized a bag of drugs. Employee of Regardie medical assistance, his life is not threatened, said the Agency.

Meanwhile, a number of media and popular telegram-TV reported that the detainees are champion of Russia on Boxing George Kushitashvili and boxer Hovik Hovhannisyan.

Coach of the Russian national team on Boxing have already commented on RIA Novosti news Agency the incident. In conversation with the Agency he was shocked by the Internet, saying that before the athletes did not have discipline problems.

“the Guys are fine, there was nothing before them. I thought they were decent. Previously, they had had no problems in anything, even comments,” said Farkhutdinov.

champion of Russia on Boxing has become a defendant in a criminal case – media

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