Thursday, September 23, 2021

Hell flight: machine after heavy turbulence devastated – 15 passengers injured

came To the Chaos of it as the machine due to the air holes got into strong turbulence. Images circulating on Social Media, show trashed the machine. Food, Luggage and other personal belongings of the passengers were scattered about the floor of...

The grower who says no

This morning the end of September, the grape harvest is finished at the Farm of the Sansonnière, Bellevigne-in-Layon, in the Loire valley. All the grapes have been returned by glorious weather : the vineyard of Mark Angeli, who has created this field in 1989,...

At the Mondial de l’auto, étudiantes play the h&taxes tesses d’host not only « déco »

Citroen, Toyota, Peugeot, Skoda, Renault, Audi... The World of the automobile, which runs until 14 October in Paris, not a stand without its crowd of students, dressed head to toe in the colours of the car manufacturers. Here, as many men as women. But...

The land of fairy tales from 1001 night: Why do You visit Oman must

Oman liegt auf der arabischen Halbinsel und bietet Natur, Kultur und angenehm warme Temperaturen.Im Gegensatz zu den benachbarten Emiraten leben die Omanis jahrtausendealte Traditionen.Trotz seiner Lage im Nahen Osten gilt der Oman als sicher. So fühlt er sich an: der Himmel auf Erden....

Protect Your Webcam From Being Hacked

Computers have extremely expanded human capabilities in understanding the world, organizing the work process, communicating. A webcam and microphone played a significant role in...

NFL Super Bowl LVI Odds