Preparation time : 20 minutes

cooking Time : 1 hour

Difficulty : medium

Ingredients for 4 persons A rabbit of 1 kg and 300 g100 g ham cuit1 laitue150 g bacon in tranches20 g flaked almonds and toastéesDeux cloves ailUne branch of romarinUne ten sheets of saugeUn half-oignonUne branch of céleriUn a half-liter of broth végétal5 c. s. oil extravierge of olive1 dl of wine blancSelPoivre Step 1 : debone the rabbit

Bone entirely the rabbit and then season with salt, pepper, rosemary, chopped, garlic, cut into mini-cubes and a tbsp of olive oil. Spread the rabbit on a work plan and have on it a layer of bacon in slices, then a layer of cooked ham, and finally a few leaves of lettuce. Wrap it, then, the rabbit starting from the shoulders down to the thighs and tie up like a roast.

Step 2 : cook the rabbit and place the bacon

In a saucepan, add the sage, rosemary, onion and celery for two minutes in 5 tbsp of olive oil. Then add the rabbit, which should be brown on its four sides. Pour in the wine and let it evaporate. Continue cooking over low heat for forty minutes or an hour, pouring the broth as and extent of its absorption. The rabbit must never boil, but never be dry no more. To find out whether the rabbit is cooked, simply prick with a fork, if it loses fluid, it is that it is not cooked yet. Serve finally the rabbit in slices, with a slice of bacon and slivered almonds, roasted peanuts, with a drizzle of olive oil.

The flavors of bacon hot

Alessio Lucchetti is the head of the Venanzio, an institution in the region of Carrara : the regulars of Forte dei Marmi, the most exclusive seaside resorts in tuscany, enjoy to make an appointment with you in this restaurant ideally located on a beautiful square in Carrara marble. The address even Salvatore Ferragamo among its customers. “We have a larderia, we do not serve so that the lardo that we produce “, boasts the head, a native of Massa Carrara. The card has thirty dishes, including a dozen with bacon from colonnata : the fillet of beef and bacon sautéed in chianti to the crostini with bacon and anchovies. “The small slices of roasted bread just out of the oven marry beautifully with the bacon, which is in contact with the heat releases a myriad of flavors. “But the recipe the more popular is the rabbit stuffed with bacon. “We can enjoy at all seasons of the year, that we’re only rabbits in the corner. This is not a dish excessively expensive, and it allows you to eat everything in the rabbit : from the shoulders to the thighs, passing by the coasts. “


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