Red hair, strong voice and a lot of energy: Kate Pierson is one of the most striking women in the Pop universe. The front woman of the B-52s is now 71 and will start soon with her Band for a huge world tour.

Catherine Pierson was Born on 27. April 1948 in the tranquil city of Weehawken in the East coast state of New Jersey. Quite a child of her time, she was a Fan of Bob Dylan and had their musical beginnings in a folk band. Then she saw 1964 the Beatles in a TV show – and she was addicted to pop music. Today you have a Button on the “I love John,” she said in an Interview.

In the 70s they ended up in the state of Georgia in the city of Athens. During a night in October 1976, was written in a Bar of music history. Together with Fred Schneider, Keith Strickland, Cindy Wilson and Ricky Wilson drank Pierson a round of Cocktails, which resulted later in a spontaneous Jam Session: the birth of The B-52s. The Name refers less to the eponymous Cocktail, but on the beehive hairstyle of the 60s that was called in the southern dialect and the detection characteristic of the two female band members. Over time, this should be at Pierson getting higher and redder.

the main feature of the Band is, of course, the music: a wild Genre Mix of New Wave, Pop, and Garage Rock. To do this, the voice of Fred Schneider, the loud-concise vocals of Cindy Wilson and Kate Pierson, Packed in a colorful Retro Look with a vibrant stage show. This combination of enthusiastic Fans with different popkulturellem Background.

The breakthrough of the B-52s in 1979 with their Album “Planet Claire had to hear” the Hit “Rock Lobster” to, become a Party classic. It further albums, the most successful including “Cosmic Thing” in 1989 with the hit singles “Love Shack” and “Roam”.

In the 90s, collaborated Pierson with Punk icon Iggy Pop, for the song “Candy”, which was played on MTV up and down. Other musical Joint venture there was with the Ramones, R. E. M. and Fatboy Slim. Her early love of the Beatles could live Pierson. On the Album “From a Window: Lost Songs of Lennon and McCartney” contributes four songs.

But for the energetic Pierson, it remained not only in the music: Along with your wife Monica Coleman she operates a Lodge in the Catskills in New Jersey and one in California, in the Landers. Your style is faithful to both systems in full detail, are in love in the Retro Design furnishings, the West coast version of the guests stay in colorful-equipped Airstream trailer.

In the first Line is, and remains, Pierson but a musician. In may, the B-52s returned to the big Tour to celebrate their 40-year-old (plate)anniversary. It will also be a farewell – at least for Europe, where the concerts as a “European Farewell Tour” have been announced. In Germany, two performances are scheduled: Cologne, Germany (26.6.) and Berlin (27.6.).



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