a woman Worthy, you are a career woman, wife, have two children. And have now written a book about Fitness and a healthy diet. Do you even have time for sports?

sports, family, and Job – how often the conflicts? Every day, countless Times. And the clatter. Sport is, of course, one thing that I have to plan, structure and needs to organize. Because there is no other way. Every Sunday evening I grab my appointment calendar and a pen and write “Monday workout. Wednesday – Training. Saturday Training.” My workout lasts a half hour, that half hour belongs to me. The appointment is not cancelled, I’m going in this time, also do not answer the phone. I don’t care if I had to actually make calls professionally. Okay, there is one exception: if my Nanny or the daycare calling. Then of course I will go get it.

How often do you exercise?

I try to train four to five Times a week. This week I have managed it only three Times. That was not possible, as time is really different. But that’s okay. Then I try to make the next week better.

How you integrate Sport into your daily life?

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As I try to remain as flexible as possible. I train all sorts of times. It is in the morning at half 9, sometimes it is in the evening around half 10, it can be an afternoon workout. Much more strenuous, I find the subject of nutrition. This takes a lot more time. But I’m trying to get my whole family involved. All should join in and have fun. At the beginning of me and overwhelmed by everything, but I’m quickly grown in.

What does being fit specifically for you?

That I feel comfortable in my body, full of energy. But it goes beyond the physical Fitness. Who keeps fit, is also gaining mental strength. Body and soul together.

you can also write about Sport as a help in life. They report, among other things, how the Training has helped them in the processing of two miscarriages.

For me, it was important to have a Routine. Especially in the difficult time after my miscarriage. I just had the Confidence: Okay, I’ll do the Training, and after that it will get better. Many people don’t know how many endorphins are released by exercise. This helps not only during the workout itself, but also throughout the day, because these lucky messengers are degraded very slowly.

you Feel a higher pressure to keep fit, because you will be in the spotlight?

I think I would make it so, because it is important to me personally. I don’t train only when a Job is queued, but always. It just does me good and strengthens my self-confidence.

women are often reduced to their body. Every extra pound is critically. The same applies, but also, if you keep fit and build muscle. Were you criticized for your figure?


To read More: “the lionesses of Power” by Charlotte Worthy and Johanna Zacherl. Appeared in the Triassic-Verlag. 200 pages.


anyone Who has not heard it before: “When You had a few more kilos on it, did you like me better!” Or even better: “Your belly is kind of flat.” What can I say? Perfect! Then my Training seems to work well – that’s exactly what I want to. Because of this “criticism” is a confirmation that I wish to achieve. And the criticism you can stand – turning away is not almost possible. So grab the bacon in the truest sense of the word. It is important that you know what you make of it – for himself and no one else. The self-confidence comes with each little success.

If you had to draw up a balance: What has changed as a result of a Sport for you?

I don’t have a basement, I scrap, because now my devices are. (laughs) no, joking aside. I enjoy my life more. I enjoy food much more because I know what I eat and know that this is good for my body. Maybe it also has to do with age. I’m 40 and just become more Mature. But the sports and the nutrition to help me. If you eat decent, you have a completely different body feeling.

So no Junk food for you anymore?

of Course, I’ll eat a kebab. Quite simply because it tastes. And from time to time, this is also perfectly in order.

A great diet trend is currently the subject of interval fasting – it is either omitted the Breakfast or dinner. Do You Eat Breakfast?

Oh, Yes, I love Breakfast.

As the ideal Breakfast look like for you?

recommendations of the WHO, An hour of Sport is not enough: as much As you should move on to live healthier life

At the favorite early pieces I together with my children and my husband. This is my favorite Breakfast. I must honestly say that I set much value on healthy eating. When the kids and I fancy bun with jam, then we eat. If we are in the mood for a Fried egg, which happens very often, then we’re off eggs in the pan. This Balance and freedom I am not willing to take. Basically, I try to eat consciously and in a balanced way. Lunch and dinner are much easier for me. For example, I am a big Fan of celery juice. My husband, unfortunately, is not. When we are finished with the food, which is always suspect.

How do you define healthy food? What is it for you?

Healthy food is made up of three components: vegetables, proteins and healthy carbohydrates. Based on the Breakfast, this can be a good whole-grain bread, we spread a little Butter, and we prove it with Turkey meat, cheese, cucumbers or tomatoes. Maybe there’s even a Fried egg. Then you have everything you need and is for the next few hours sick of it.

What are the most common mistakes women make in losing weight?

There is a mistake that all women make in losing weight: do not eat. I’ve also done it. Then you look at the clock and thinks: ‘Wow, already 17 o’clock, and I still have eaten nothing. So Horny, so Horny.’ But: It is not at all good for the body. The metabolism is then on the back burner and stores everything as soon as you eat properly again. This is a big mistake. We are not aware of how important food is.

When you start to eat healthy and Sport: How does that save you in everyday life? The one is the intent, the other is the Everyday.

By allowing the Failure. If I put my mind to now: Tomorrow I will Breakfast at nine o’clock in the morning, then I’m going to eat 13 PM what is Healthy. To 17 PM, a meal is scheduled. And in between I do a workout – let’s go! Then comes the Small to the corner and says: “mom, I have a kind of fever.” Woah, Crap. It doesn’t work. You have to plan what one has – with time, with the things that are in the fridge. And then be flexible. Not I train to 23 o’clock in the evening. I always say: Come away from perfectionism. It makes it easier.

your best motivation tip?

Whether you aware of why you’re doing it. You call to mind again and again. Do you want to feel better? Live a healthier life? Self-conscious? Or just back into the favourite jeans fit? Then you get out put these Jeans, look at you every day. It will annoy you totally. But she’s also only so long, until you did it. And then you’re going to wear them, you feel better, self-confident, and radiate.

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