The feeling of having a lump in the throat, is one of the most common reasons why people doctor to go to a ENT. Usually nothing Serious is behind the complaints, the symptoms usually disappear by itself. Different for a woman from the Northern Irish Portadown. The Mitvierzigerin had, in addition to the foreign body sensation is severe pain. In addition, they toiled difficulty swallowing.

The woman went to the hospital and told the Doctors her symptoms. She stated that she took pain pills. And that the symptoms occurred in the night – shortly after they had taken the painkillers. The Doctors examined the woman, and examined whether they could drink, and rƶntgten your chest cavity. Since all the tests were inconspicuous, placed them in a guess: The woman had carved in Swallowing the tablets, apparently, a part of their esophagus. They advised her to go home and to report in two days, should not improve the pain.

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What the Doctors suspected at this time: Indeed, the discomfort with the pain killers had to. However, different than you thought. The woman had the night swallowed only the tablet, but the packaging is the same.

after 17 days and a further, unsuccessful investigations, the doctors decided to examine the esophagus using an endoscope. They discovered the medication packaging, which was in the upper section of the esophagus and removed it. About the curious case, they report in the journal “BMJ Case Reports”.

“had I stress no idea”

How the Doctors, had the wife in this case, lucky. Objects stuck in the esophagus, may develop therefore quickly to emergencies. It is possible that sharp objects cause the esophagus pierce and bacterial infections or blood poisoning.

Therefore, it is important to ask patients exactly what they might have swallowed, and track image search imaging procedures like a CT to incorporate, advise the doctors. In this way, the risk could be lowered, overlooked smaller items such as fish bones.

“I had no idea that I had swallowed that”, said the patient in the article. “These three weeks were very scary and I could hardly believe it when I saw the photo.”

source: BMJ Case Reports



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