The cell phone accompanies us constantly whether on the Bus, in the office or other places. Some of the curious glance of Strangers lost, then often on our Smartphone screen. Who wants to camouflage his WhatsApp Chats, you can do that with the App Hide Chat Name.

The Practical feature of the App: only the Chat-Name change – this would also manually without an App , but also the Status and the profile picture of a WhatsApp contact.

Hide Chat Name contacts camouflage

to rename a Chat, you have to download the App, only for Android. On the menu you can get to the Button "Customize". Here, users can select the Chat to which you want to use a Fake name to miss. You can choose whether the Chat should be changed Name or just not displayed.

Google Play Store

In the App can then be entered directly, as the alternative Name of the Chats to read. If you are typing a name, the contact name and it will be displayed a number.

Google Play Store

After everything is set up as desired, you can get started. In order to camouflage a chat history, a Tipper on the green Button to hide the name of the contact. Another tap disables the camouflage. PDF you are surfing for years unsafe? Our PDF guide, which shows you the five biggest security risks in the network and how to protect yourself from attacks.To the PDF guide

good reviews

In the Google Play Store has the App Hide Chat Name is a rating with an average of 4.1 out of 5 stars good and has been installed more than 1000 Times. Some Users complain in the comments that the green Button to respond sometimes directly.

Our evaluation: Who would like to anonymize, for certain reasons, chat histories, and camouflage, for the App Hide Chat Name is a good and safe application. The only drawback: so Far, it is only for Android users.

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In the CHIP/Wochit WhatsApp praise WhatsApp Messenger Android App is probably in front of a radical change


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