State election in Hesse: All the info in the News Ticker of FOCUS OnlineDas the top candidate of Hesse-election in 2018 – are the top candidates of the major parties,

Sharp sounds or provocative theses you hear from Volker Bouffier, meanwhile, rarely. As the inventor of the black-green coalition in Hesse is a Motto of the 66-Year-old: listen to, also changes the Position of the other, forming alliances.

When it comes to the AfD, and especially to the Federal chief Alexander Gauland, with Bouffier, many years ago, still in the CDU’s policy in the state of Hesse has made, but again the hard-liners of earlier days. Then, the already rough voice of the government is still rough, and the vocabulary is sharp and uncompromising.

Bouffier is considered to be loyal supporters of Chancellor Angela Merkel

The is pour the root end of a lawyer, as a faithful supporter of German Chancellor Angela Merkel, and is a man of clear language. The popular festivals and in the halls of the CDU-Federal Vice-moves, as the Berlin or the international parquet. Small Talk, shake hands, shoulder, tapping and pull strings, for the father of three adult children, of course, and no annoying torment.

Self-Bouffiers political opponents as his SPD adversary Thorsten Schäfer-Gümbel trusted that the CDU politician uses his years of experience of Hesse and the interests of the people. The Left keeps Bouffier, however, his role as the then Minister of the interior in the investigation of the NSU murder series. Agree friend and enemy are the fact that the father of the country has lied to a slope, some of them strenuous, long mono.

Bouffier 2010 succeeded by Roland Koch in Hesse

Bouffier, who had to give up after a serious car accident as a young man, the dream of professional Basketball career, was under the CDU government chief Walter Wallmann of justice, the Secretary of state. In 1999, he was Minister of the interior in Hessen. After the withdrawal of Prime Minister Roland Koch of politics, he took up in 2010, its successor as the head of a black-yellow coalition.

The state government with the Green Bouffier leads since the beginning of 2014. It was the first Alliance of this type in a German area of the country and a Gamble. With Deputy Prime Minister Tarek Al-Wazir, from the Greens, the CDU’s Deputy by You and by now a well-oiled Team. Very gladly he would, therefore, also the smooth cooperation with the eco-in the state of Hesse for a further five years.

even Though he is in December, 67 years of age and often because of his accident back pain plagued, want to ride Bouffier in the case of a re-election to the full term as father of the country. To a question, he replied: "you will Remain relaxed, with me, you must expect for a long time."

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