After the alleged genetic manipulation of babies in China, the government has asked the scientists He Jiankui and his staff involved, the work for the time being not to continue. The state broadcaster CCTV quoted the Deputy head of the National health authority, Zeng Yixin. That said, his Ministry was strongly opposed to it and have already “requires that the concerned organization is exposed to the scientific activities of the staff concerned”.

He Jiankui was published at the beginning of the week, a YouTube Video, in which he claimed that he had altered the genetic material through artificial insemination begotten twin sisters. The scientist said he had taken seven pairs of artificial insemination, sperm and ova, in order to remove the embryos with the Genverfahren Crispr/Cas9 to a specific Gene. He works as a private lecturer at the Southern University of Science and Technology, has made the children through the genetic manipulation according to its own data is resistant to HIV.

China’s National health Commission ordered on Monday, and a “meticulous investigation” of the case. Also Hes own University in Shenzhen, condemned his actions as “a serious violation of academic ethics and norms”.

internationally, was included the announcement Hes with Doubt, worry and criticism. The Mitentdeckerin the Genschere Crispr, Emmanuelle Charpentier, said: “Although we have so far seen no scientific evidence, in the Form of a published professional article in a magazine, the Peer Review would be completed, He Jiankui exceeded clearly a red line,” said the Director at the Max-Planck-Institute for infection biology.

What is Crispr? The genetic engineering Crispr –

The world of tomorrow and of the man himself. This is made possible by a new genetic engineering: Crispr/Cas9, in short, Crispr. With it, researchers want to make plants and animals. And heal the people of Aids, cancer, or genetic and hereditary diseases. The mechanism is simple, cheap and highly efficient. That’s what makes him so promising for science and economy – and so controversial.

Only a few years ago, the researchers have made the inside Emmanuelle Charpentier and Jennifer Doudna, the crucial discovery. They described how a self-defense system used by bacteria against viruses, as a General purpose factory stuff in the genome editing. Within months, the realization has changed the work in laboratories around the world. Even today, researchers are using Crispr/Cas9, for example in the field of biotechnology. Chinese researchers are testing them on human, if not enabled embryos to be life. the

it is Already: Crispr is everyday life. But how, when, why and for whom you should allow the genome tailoring? Yet these questions are still open. THE TIME and TIME ONLINE have to make of technology a focus dedicated to Crispr – Evolution-it-yourself.


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