Sex is for many people in our society nowadays is easier than ever before. How to prevent to witness an unwanted child or to be pregnant, know the most. But when it comes to what bacteria and viruses you can catch, is the Knowledge gap. Talking about it, in spite of all the enlightenment of many embarrassing. TIME ONLINE is devoted to, therefore in a Safer-Sex-focus on the question: How can I stay in the Sex healthy?

you Are a woman under 25? Then you have a probability of one to 20 have a chlamydia infection (Federal health sheet: Bremer et al., 2017). You are a man and have Sex with men? Then the average risk, unnoticed, with gonococci in the throat Contracting the disease is around ten per cent (BMJ STI: Dudareva-Vizule et al., 2013). Whether and how humans get infected in fact, depends largely on your sex life. What generally applies: Sexually transmitted diseases are not a niche topic. On the contrary, some of the infection with viruses, bacteria or parasites will be in Germany again more frequently. Therefore, TIME has compiled this Glossary of the most common sexually transmitted diseases:

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Syphilis about a rise special the same. The contagion were to pay since the seventies, declined steadily to rise since 2001. Since 2010, even rapidly. Another example is gonorrhea, caused by bacteria, the gonococcus. The number of cases increased between 2008 and 2015, in Europe on two and a half times (ECDC Surveillance Report, 2018). In this country is likely to have the pathogen is very widespread, Figures from the Saxony indicate where the disease is notifiable (Epidemiological Bulletin, 2013; pdf).

How big is the risk for which disease? Because in Germany, only cases of HIV and Syphilis for infectious diseases to the competent Robert-Koch-Institute (RKI) need to be reported, you can’t exactly say. Except for samples, model calculations, and voluntary laboratory networks, there is little data. As secured, the following applies: The General risk of one of the numerous infections to capture, grows.

Sexual-health-advice To whom they

If you observe in yourself the symptoms, you should consult a doctor or a counselling centre, and for the time being as a precaution, do without Sex. A advice you will find in this database of the Federal centre for health education.


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