Update from 26. February 2019: you have flown in experts from all over Germany and the nearly three-ton animal for the investigation of anesthetized, in order to gain clarity at last. That didn’t work. Still the Circus Krone anxiety of the white rhinoceros in Tsavo. Like the tz reported, had eaten at the age of 45 very old animal in the last few weeks, getting worse and worse and, of diarrhea plagued, more than 300 pounds removed. Also tamer Martin Lacey junior (41) was concerned.

four and a half hours long, the Doctors Tsavos examined teeth, took blood and other samples, and even got a colonoscopy. What is wrong with the animal, but also the laboratory studies to light, reported veterinarian Christine Lendl now. “We have found nothing Bad like a Tumor,” says the specialist, “but there is also no clear indication for an underlying disease, which would explain the massive disturbances in the gastro-intestinal tract.” The result: Tsavo eats little, the diarrhea is only a little better. Christine Lendl: “His condition is stable bad.” The Doctors help him with a construction syringe. “Tsavo with playing. And he is also a dangerous animal that can defend itself against encroachments,“ says Lendl.


until the end of February there is the winter program of the Circus crown

more Complicated to use: the Circus Krone is calling the fire brigade for help

Munich – The heavyweight Patient – the 45-year-old Rhino bull Tsavo belongs to Circus Krone in Munich his winter quarters. Tsavo suffers, according to a circus spokesman for weeks to digestive problems.

There’s the two-ton animals can only be in General anesthesia and in an upright Position examined, brought the circus to the fire Department for assistance. The forces arrived with air bags and safety belts, shared with the fire Department on Sunday. Also in the control of the teeth, the fire brigade helped men actively and openly held, among other things, the mouth.

What Tsavo has decreased in the past few months, already 300 pounds, suffers, to clarify, according to a circus spokesman for a sample in the laboratory. The result is still to come, the investigation of which he got through well.


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