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read all people Would live like the Germans, we would need three earths. Our ecological footprint is simply too large: We want to blow too much greenhouse gases in the atmosphere and produce a lot of garbage. Many people in Germany seek to live more environmentally friendly, and also employees at the TIME of publishing. Here they tell of their small deeds for the climate.

And what do you do? Have you ever tried your diet to vegan, to switch, to buy no new clothing or to waive any garbage bags? Share with us your experiences in the comment section or send an E-Mail to [email protected].

“The car is abolished,”

Since our family tries to live a climate-neutral, and it is also reported that is of interest to other, especially of: Has changed us, the experience generally? Or it was like a lightning-diet: in Short, a couple of tons of CO2 reduced to be able to then again every day Steaks chucks? To be quite honest: the Latter is not. At least not if you want to reasonably live in harmony with his Beliefs. Since we know that there is balance of power for our CO2-a huge difference whether we fly to Thailand or the Baltic sea cycle, we make a different holiday. Closer. We no longer fly private in Germany. And when we fly but so far this year, we will offset the flight. My meat consumption has greatly reduced, the children are now vegetarians. The car is abolished, what was, admittedly, in the big city. But if it would make all city slickers alike, it would to ride a Bicycle is not only cute, but also dangerous. But, most importantly, the experience remains the same: save the Climate is exciting, fun, and helps against fatalism.

Petra Pinzler, a correspondent in the capital editorial staff of THE TIME

“I am out of a vegetarian”

six years Ago, I read the book eating animals by Jonathan Safran Foer, and decided to let the animals eat from now on. I, until then, everything is serine, wanted to be, for ethical reasons vegan. And it was surprisingly easy to say good-bye to chips, shrimp and goat cheese. Rarely have I had the feeling to have to do without – except for the milk in the Cappuccino, because I found the Alternatives to drink, or if I had to make the canteen a meal from three side dishes. My environment reacted totally open. No one wanted to prevent me from my decision, and not a single friend was concerned about whether I get enough protein. And when I told my mother that I wanted to only eat plants, she bought a vegan cookbook: “So you get to Christmas also Delicious.” However, veganism is more than diet – in another area it was harder for me to consistently on animal products: No leather shoes? No coat and no Sweater made of wool? I soon realized that I’m too vain. If I don’t my 100 percent veganism by parents, I found, then I can’t expect others to take me out of consideration. Whether Choosing a restaurant or cooking together. Today, therefore, I am “away a vegetarian” – a concept that I am not ethically completely satisfied, but at least workable for me. At home there is still only soy-cream cheese, away a poached Egg. Only to cow’s milk in the Cappuccino, I missed the beginning, so, I want to. You don’t like it anymore, because I’ve gotten used to the taste of oat milk.

Juliane Frisse, editor in the magazine Department gruppebei TIME ONLINE


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