Update, 25. April: Dr. Friedemann Müller, head physician at the Schön clinic in Bad Aibling, a assigns case to the moved since yesterday the whole of Germany. In his hospital, a woman is awakened after 27 years out of a coma and called the name of her son. The National first reported about it (see original article from 24. April below).

in fact, the case sounds like a medical miracle. Müller is a limit here, but with some Details. Although it could be used to designate the condition of the woman in front of her “awakening” as a coma, says Müller, compared to spiegel.de. A real coma, it was not.

coma-miracles in Bavaria: “a Holistic approach” led to success

The patient had severe brain damage due to your car accident in a state of “mini one” lived to paint consciously.

Müller, compared to spiegel.de: “When “coma” does not, patients may open their eyes, in a coma. Out of a coma a Patient wakes up after 27 years.“

+ Dr. Friedmann Müller, chief physician at the Schön clinic in Bad Aibling.© Schön Klinik

Munira, Abdullah was thus not simply “woke up”, as if from a long sleep. Much more have improved the physical and mental condition of the patient within a few weeks, so rapidly, that they could interact actively with their environment.

The sudden success in Bad Aibling, after Abdullah’s status within 27 years, had hardly changed, see Müller, in his “holistic approach”.

The Doctors at the Nice hospital had not concentrated only on the damaged areas in your brain, but also on your body. They switched her epilepsy medication to reduce side effects, and mobilized your body with physiotherapy, and treated their spasticity.

Müller, compared to spiegel.de: “Eventually you could open your mouth when we asked them. Also, you could pronounce the name of your son, to welcome us and she quoted some verses from the Koran.“

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Original article from 24. April

Bad Aibling – Munira, Abdullah sat in the back seat with her son when the accident happened. She threw her arms around him, to protect him. With Success. Omar survived with minor injuries. His mother hits it bad. It comes with serious head injuries to the hospital. The Doctors see no Chance for the then-32-Year-old. Munira, Abdullah falls asleep and doesn’t Wake up. That was in 1991.

27 years later, a miracle happened. In the Schön clinic in Bad Aibling, in the upper Bavarian district of Rosenheim, she wakes up again. “I heard someone my name,” says her son, Omar, Webair, now 32, compared to The National scene. “I woke up.” His mother had called him.

In the Schön-Klinik in Bad Aibling: After 27 years of coma: a woman wakes up and calls the name of her son

And that was only the beginning. Meanwhile, she is back home in the United Arab Emirates, can communicate, for example, tell where she is in pain. The miracle happened in June of 2018. Omar Webair has made the case public, in order to give other members of coma patients with hope.

Where the case is highly unusual. Also for your Doctors treated in the clinic. The hospital is highly specialized for neurological disorders. The treatment there was Munira, Abdullah’s last stop on a long journey through the hospitals of Europe.

The Arab king house was on the case and funded the special treatment in the clinic.

Doctors in Bad Aibling, had a slightly different approach. Using the surgeries and therapies they tried to get the body of your patient fit to give – so the theory – in the spirit a better ground on which he can develop.

coma-miracles in Bavaria: Not an expert holds such a thing is possible – then you Wake up

But even there none of the promised Omar to her son, she might ever Wake up again. “I want to, I can talk again with me,” said Omar from the Doctors to clear, such as The National reported.

waved. This would be impossible. It is simply to give the wife a little more quality of life. However, the Doctors noticed that Munira taught time and again targeted views of something, usually on the face of your son, as chief physician Dr. Friedmann Müller explains to the image.

Then the miracle happened: Omar discussed just on the sick bed of his mother. There was a difference of opinion. Suddenly, Omar’s perception, tried to his mother in the discussion to interfere. She gave a Loud. The Doctors waved back. These reactions admit it, are very normal, have nothing to do with the Situation.

And then, the night was Omar awakened by the Call of his Name – by his own mother.

chief doctor Müller to image: “A patient, after such a long time as well kontaktfähig was, I have not yet experienced.“


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