There are serious allegations that the US-magazine “BuzzFeed News” after intensive research. The environmental organization World Wide Fund For Nature, in short WWF, is to co-Finance in several countries in Asia and Africa armed rank of troops and support. Members of such forces are said to have committed acts of violence to torture and murder. So from the NGO-sponsored anti-poaching commandos residents of protection would be distributed to the areas, whose houses are destroyed, they abused and intimidated. Also, involvement of environmentalists in a failed arms deal, there would be evidence.

Still after the staff of the WWF of people had law infringements should be continued cooperation with the criminal Rangers. “BuzzFeed Germany” also published a report, according to which in the Congolese Salonga national Park, the most serious human rights crimes should be an area in which the German Federal government supports the work of conservationists for years, with funding in the millions.

The international umbrella organization of the WWF has announced an independent investigation into the incidents by a London law firm for human rights. The WWF Germany has expressed its dismay at the allegations and has called in the former human rights of the Federal government, Markus Löning officer for workup. Here is an Overview of what is “reported BuzzFeed News” yet.

Summary: A case of death after alleged torture in Nepal
anti-poaching troops to systematic violence
cases of suspected abuse of an Eleven-year-old in Cameroon
Womögliche support violent Raids on villages
Alleged involvement in a failed arms deal On which sources the research is based
says the WWF so far, to be the accusations
Decades of conservation is threatened
have committed A case of death after alleged torture in Nepal

In Nepal, in the area of the Chitwan national Park, Ranger guard in the forest area, among other things, rhinos and tigers, in 2006, a farmer, and in such a tortured, imprisoned, that he died of the consequences of his severe injuries. The man had been suspected of the Rangers, to have his son Bury the horn of a Rhino helped in the research of the BuzzFeed report and Reporter. The piece of evidence – the Horn was not ensured. The rank troops took the man into custody, as the magazine reported, citing official documents. According to the testimony of the wife of the deceased had been interrogated in captivity with Waterboarding methods and hard to miss.

In the national Park in the southern foothills of the Himalayan mountains and the world’s last Indian rhinos (Rhinoceros unicornis) lives. Intensive anti-poaching efforts have recently led to a slight recovery of the stock in the Chitwan national Park, it is said, according to the world conservation organization IUCN.

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anti poaching systematic violence

in the protected area of Nepal, working side-by-side with more than 1,000 soldiers of the army battalion of the Park, reported BuzzFeed News. The state had conferred on them considerable Power in the prosecution of crimes in connection with poaching. The intervention squads of people without a warrant, i.e. without examination were by a court, feast, and imprison. Ranger, the claimed “self-defense”, were, according to the research, immunity, when in use, poachers killed. The head of the anti poaching units have even met in the sole reign of prison of 15 years are allowed to impose. Something that was recently amended by the legislature in Nepal.

About torture and violence not seen in the Chitwan area have been held, local staff of WWF only. They had even used for the proceedings against the offender is left in the case of the tortured farmers. With Success. The cooperation with the Rangers, had been continued. The US magazine also reported that from his research it is apparent that the alleged case of torture was not an isolated incident. It is a matter of systematic violence, sexual abuse, torture, and oppression by men in the anti-poaching operation.

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suspicion of abuse of an Eleven-year-old in Cameroon

In the year of 2017 should have been an eleven-year-old Boy from Rangers before the eyes of his parents, miss. The village had reported the case to the WWF. The family reported, according to BuzzFeed News that the NGO had not yet responded months later.

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Womögliche support violent Raids on villages

From the area of the Lobéké national Park in Cameroon, the Reporter reports how closely the WWF, with government troops has worked. The environmental organization had paid for guardians of the salaries of armed wild, accommodations for you and placed you with radios, satellite phones, all-terrain vehicles, and Messengers. A significant proportion of donations to the WWF to be invested in enforcement action by such squads in Lobéké. This would not have been patrols, but also Raids on the local population, counted, reported BuzzFeed News.

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Orphaned Orang-Utans in Borneo, Elephant conservation in Zambia or the sale of the nature in the Selous national Park, Tanzania: Our Knowledge-the head of Department has repeatedly reported from the project areas of WWF, and also with critics of some of the protection measures discussed.

to the author of the page

with regard to these allegations in respect of the facilities and equipment of Rangers, reference connoisseur of such protected areas for rhinos, elephants or any other of poaching and the illegal trade of endangered species of animals on the way, that are killed each year, many Rangers from heavily armed poachers. To send a Ranger without such equipment in the fight against organized crime, would actually be irresponsible.

the BuzzFeed journalistand journalists go on the war-like situation. The problem of the funding of armed anti-poaching units in Cameroon by the local WWF, according to the research, especially that they should not have only repelled attacks on endangered animals, but seem to actively violent raids on villages, in which, allegedly, poachers were houses. The WWF worked according to the report, in addition, with a rapid reaction Force (battalion d’intervention rapide, short BIR) in Cameroon, which is independent of these events, accused of unarmed civilians killed. A collaboration with the BIR have denied the WWF for a long time – E-mail available to the reporters and told reporters, according to his own statement, would this show now.

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Alleged involvement in a failed arms deal

According to self-imposed guidelines allowed the environmental organization to buy neither weapons nor sell. In the Central African Republic, a neighbouring country of Cameroon, drawn from the civil war and politically unstable, are expected to have local employees of the WWF, but in an illegal weapons business is entangled, reported BuzzFeed News. In the Dzanga-Sangha protected area in the South of the country, rare forest elephants (Loxodonta cyclotis). The WWF, according to his own statement, since 1990 active in the Region and protects in collaboration with the state government, the national Park Dzanga-Ndoki.

In 2009, should have tried, among other things, WWF staff, to purchase from the army of the country rifles. The army is notorious for, civilians beheaded, and their heads through the streets pulled, the article of the US magazine. A former employee of the WWF, said the reporters allegedly, they asked him later, “to cover up the Deal because none of the sponsors had the right to buy weapons”. The employee did not notice that invoices are consistent. According to E-Mails, which BuzzFeed News, quotes, should, ultimately, be money the NGO for weapons purchases of military members. The sources of the investigations for this incident are, however, contradictory, did not want to comment on the reporters to do this again. Whether from the WWF dedicated local staff have really tried to buy weapons, or whether, perhaps, only in E-Mails, it was thought, remains speculation.

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based On the sources of the research

for A year, the BuzzFeed-News-journalists-researched in six countries, conducted more than 100 Interviews and combed through thousands of pages of sources. This includes E-Mails between the WWF employed local staff and government representatives, internal project reports, reports and protocols were about. A first comprehensive report on major grievances, has come in several project of the environmental organisation WWF, of the 4 areas. March 2019 under the title of WWF Funds for Guards Who Have Tortured And Killed People (The WWF-funded, tortured and killed people have guards) went online. So far, German news agencies reported, and the media in the form of excerpts from the research. On 5. In March, a second article: Internal Report Shows WWF is What Warned Years Ago Of “Frightening” Abuses followed (An internal report shows that WWF had years ago, evidence of “appalling” cases of abuse). A third was on 8. March published: WWF Told The EU That Indigenous People Were “Favorable” To A New Park – But Internal Documents Reveal Fears Of “Repression” (WWF informed the EU that indigenous peoples are in favour of a new Park “” would – but internal documents reveal fear of “reprisals”).

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the WWF says so far, to be the accusations

The umbrella organisation, the WWF International, told BuzzFeed News, as well as after the publication of the research, to the massive allegations officially. So the NGO gave an independent investigation on the cases in order, under the leadership of human rights experts. This is to evaluate the sources and documents gathered by the journalist, and the cases check. “We consider it our urgent responsibility, the allegations by BuzzFeed to pursue,” said the NGO in a Statement and stressed, you recognize how important this is. Nevertheless, many of the allegations would not fit to their own understanding of the events. Therefore, we have given an independent study.

no one is allowed to be in the fight against poaching and the destruction of our natural self-to the offender.

WWF Germany to be the allegations

the WWF Germany commented on the allegations. It was “deeply disturbed,” it said in a statement, which was published a day after the initial BuzzFeed article. “It was set up immediately an international crisis team and together with external human rights experts launched a full investigation. Should prove to be true the allegations, this will have consequences,” wrote the WWF Germany.

The Environmentalists and conservationists explained the difficult conditions in many project areas: “We are in the world’s difficult and most dangerous places in the application: in civil war and crisis regions or in States that are contrary to our own understanding of democracy and the rule of law, partly fundamental,” reads the opinion. “We see ourselves not infrequently with violence and violent conflicts, organized crime, and a ruthless multibillion-free, wildlife-Mafia face, and doesn’t look back. At the same time, conservation work is in many countries of the world is only possible if you as a non-governmental organization, with state Agencies, such as national Park authorities, nature conservation authorities, the judiciary and the police or even the army, to work together. In these difficult regions, and in this critical environment, nature conservation organisations have to act, even if this is often a tightrope walk.” In spite of everything, the WWF made it very clear: “no one is allowed to be in the fight against poaching and the destruction of our natural self-to the perpetrators.”

WWF, the work of The WWF

The World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) is one of the the largest internationally active nature conservation and environmental protection organizations with 90 offices in more than 40 countries. The Foundation works for the protection of endangered animal species: from giant Pandas in China, the heraldic animal of the WWF, rare Tiger in India, the last surviving orangutans in Borneo and Sumatra, up to the river dolphins in the Amazon. In addition, the organization is very active in the fight against illegal poaching: Since there are still rhinos for their Horn and elephants are killed for ivory by organised gangs – smuggling and the black market trade in tusks and horns is booming.

focuses on projects against deforestation and for climate and species protection. According to information from the WWF has implemented since its inception, approximately 13,000 projects in 150 countries. One of the successes of recent times was the Declaration of the national Park of Serranía del Chiribiquete in Colombia, a world heritage site. This applies with a size of 1.5 million hectares as the largest national Park in the world. the


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