The unmanned space capsule Crew Dragon, the head of Tesla’s Elon Musk-led private company SpaceX has landed after six days in space successfully in the Atlantic ocean. Live shots of the US space Agency Nasa showed how the four large Parachutes opened on the capsule and on the water put on.

“confirmed Good water landing of the Dragon,” wrote the company SpaceX, after the successful landing. The test flight with the official name of Demo 1 is regarded as an important step on the path to manned missions by SpaceX. It was the first landing of a US space capsule for 50 years. 13. March 1969, landed the last Apollo 9 near the Bahamas.

Crew Dragon was launched last Saturday with a Falcon-9 rocket from the US space station in Cape Canaveral in Florida and had docked on Sunday to the International space station ISS. On Board not a spaceman, but only a wired puppet in a space suit, as well as Material for the ISS. The name Ripley baptized the doll was equipped with Sensors in the flight loads occurring recorded.

It was the first Time that a privately built and operated Crew Transporter flew from American soil to the ISS. Nasa called the project a milestone in the history of space travel. SpaceX tried to launch its space capsule in summer, the first manned.

Since the end of the Shuttle programme, the US space Agency Nasa in 2011, US astronauts using Russian Soyuz capsules to the ISS to fly. The US does not want to in the future no longer be dependent on Russia and with the help of private companies such as SpaceX, again, even moving people into space and to the International space station. For this, Nasa has created the Commercial Crew Program. Previously, the company SpaceX is delivering on behalf of US space Agency Nasa only cargo and spare parts to the ISS.

the Kennedy Space Center Launch Pad 39A

It is a historic site in Florida, from which SpaceX controls the space: Launch Pad 39A. Apollo 11 flew from here to the moon. In 1981 space was from this launch, the first Shuttle, the U.S. space Agency Nasa launched the last in the year 2011.

With the end of the Shuttle program is the end for Launch Pad 39A came. The platform was broke for years, they rusted under the continuous influence of salt and Wind as a Symbol of a bygone Era. Then SpaceX took over. the

After extensive renovation began at the 19. February 2017 a rocket of the type of Falcon 9 from the ramp. People were not on Board, instead, the rocket wore eat around 2,500 kg load to the International space station. It was a first step, in order to make NASA’s Kennedy Space Center, a “multi-functional space station”, as it aspires to the authority according to its own information. the

SpaceX has also acquired rights to the use of platform 40. This, however, was badly damaged, as in September 2016, a rocket during the launch, it exploded.


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