I’m a liberal. The autonomy of the people is one of the highest goods of all. If the state intervenes in the lives of people, should therefore apply special caution. As a physician, I am convinced that only patients should decide what happens with their bodies. Would change the course of a reform to the organ donation?

On Wednesday debated in the Bundestag on whether Germany should introduce the contradiction solution. Accordingly, every German applicable in the future as an organ donor, if he has not objected during his lifetime. Because in Germany there is a chronic shortage of donor organs, has expressed Minister of health, Jens Spahn.

critics in the opposition solution to an interference in the Self-control over the own body. But who represents this attitude, is based – whether intentionally or unintentionally – is a System of ignorance. The attitude ensures that many people are concerned, in good conscience, a life with organ donation – and, therefore, never decide whether you want to donate.

unsustainable Status quo

That, in turn, receives a Status quo, the paradoxical and unacceptable that More than 80 percent of Germans find the organ donation is good, just under 70 can think of to donate. At the same time, however, more than 10,000 patients are waiting in this country, the organs of the body. One of the reasons: The majority of Germans hold on to their readiness to nowhere binding (other important reasons, you can find here).

thoughts may be to the own death is uncomfortable, even frightened. But the price of repressing is large, such as the Sick people waiting, for example, for years for a new liver, and suffer all the while under fatigue, weakening muscles, and Nausea. A well-Known, the liver of heavy metals were destroyed, has experienced all of this. In the end she fell into a coma hours before she died, she received a liver of a donor and survived.

What’s unclear: The contradiction solution is forcing people to donate organs. But it also forces you to decide what is urgently needed. You like to keep for a blatant state intervention, against the Background of the blatant donor defect, but it is justified.

The new rule would let all those space concerns. There are plenty of logical reasons against organ donation: Some want to for religious reasons, that your body does not remain after the death as intact as possible, others aren’t comfortable with the idea that dead people hang for hours at the machines and their bodies to be opened for the removal of the organs. All of this should be able to tolerate a society. Also, we should talk about it. Because of the history of medicine teaches us that there is a Problem, if this is not allowed.

The contradiction the solution is not the right to self-determination

When States intervene too deeply in the right to self-determination of the individual, is the human body to an object, the violence can be exercised. Often, if Regime people followed the self-determination over their own bodies, collusion, crime. Of the eugenics with compulsory sterilization during the Nazi era to the Syphilis experiments on low-income black people in the United States. This lasted until the seventies.

But the contradiction solution is with such interventions not comparable. Because they do not attack the right to self-determination over their own bodies. With a simple signature every citizen may exclude, to be an organ donor. You would only have to hold on to in an ID card, a patient or a so far not existing, newly developed index that you don’t want to donate.

The contradiction the solution is not the only possibility, to ignorance, to break through. But at the moment it is the most obvious Option, which has proven successful in neighboring countries, moreover, for a long time. Because you, also German would have to meet to make a decision, whether for or against organ donation. And friends, families and work would start colleagues, to talk about their Position. So the company could solve the Problem of organ donation as a community.


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