babies are cute, Aids is ugly. In China now, twins were born, allegedly against HIV resistant, because of the embryos researchers want to have altered their genes using a technique called Crispr/Cas9. The man has a genetic engineering company. There are better advertising?

You do not calm down, so that the proof of the experiment is pending. The scientist is not Unknown. Experts who are familiar with his work, keep his success possible. This is the New: The Phase of coziness is finished, in the debate of the Manipulation of the human genome could be mitigated with the note, until then will still take a lot of time.

The news from China has triggered outrage, especially among scientists. In many countries you are allowed to change the genes of surplus embryos, but they should make this into a people. In China, a ban does not apply, at least not in principle. Now the country seems to fear the reputation of his science. Good.

The Chinese researchers He Jiankui © Anthony Kwan

Perhaps the Gendoktor cheated in Shenzhen. However, in the past, scientific were accompanied by fractures of fraud. A Wake-up call, the sensation message remains on all.

The risks of the technology are high: first of all, the genetically modified individual and the individual’s descendants, because we know too little about the Interaction of hereditary factors. A fortiori, unknown, the social consequences are. Just an example: genetic engineering will be expensive, with the result that the division of society could be enrolled in the genetic material. Here are the Rich, Healthy and Beautiful, there the inferior Rest. Thus, a new era at the break.

scientists of the world therefore call for Moratorium on the Transfer of genetically modified embryos into the womb. Sounds reasonable, but it fits poorly in the political landscape. Global appointments have no economy. Since the climate problem like first resembled even so, the threat of nuclear weapons to be so scary, or the Migration is so challenging, the solution of the new time is: “We are!”

What is Crispr? The genetic engineering Crispr –

The world of tomorrow and of the man himself. This is made possible by a new genetic engineering: Crispr/Cas9, in short, Crispr. With it, researchers want to make plants and animals. And heal the people of Aids, cancer, or genetic and hereditary diseases. The mechanism is simple, cheap and highly efficient. That’s what makes him so promising for science and economy – and so controversial.

Only a few years ago, the researchers have made the inside Emmanuelle Charpentier and Jennifer Doudna, the crucial discovery. They described how a self-defense system used by bacteria against viruses, as a General purpose factory stuff in the genome editing. Within months, the realization has changed the work in laboratories around the world. Even today, researchers are using Crispr/Cas9, for example in the field of biotechnology. Chinese researchers are testing them on human, if not enabled embryos to be life. the

it is Already: Crispr is everyday life. But how, when, why and for whom you should allow the genome tailoring? Yet these questions are still open. THE TIME and TIME ONLINE have to make of technology a focus dedicated to Crispr – Evolution-it-yourself.


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