threatened The Great Barrier Reef off Australia by polluted water. After fierce storms in the North-East of the continent, large amounts of flowing dirty water from rivers into the sea, and thus also in a part of the reef. According to scientists of earth, debris, building debris, and other wastes were washed away. On aerial photographs to see how the dirty water now extends more than 60 miles in the world’s largest coral reef.

The dirt is a threat to the sensitive Ecosystem are deposits, warned researchers from the James Cook University in the Australian state of Queensland. “Corals and seagrasses need light for their growth and health to maintain,” said the scientist, Jane Waterhouse.

On the most affected areas of the reef dirt threatened to suffocate the coral””. So, for example, of the mouth of the river Burdekin. “It should stay here, it would not be long before some systems to die,” said Waterhouse.

The North-East of Australia had been sought in the past few weeks by a severe storm. In the particularly badly-affected city of Townsville, which is located directly on the coast, fell so much rain in decades. Due to the high water, many houses were damaged. The residents are still busy with cleanup.

The Great Barrier Reef, which stretches over a length of more than 2,000 kilometers, is one of Australia’s most famous attractions. For several years, it suffers massively in the so-called Coral bleaching: a temperature-conditional Bleaching of the corals, which may eventually lead to extinction.


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