well-Kept lawn does a lot of work. Unfortunately, the Green do not like it especially if you leave it to grow a Meadow high and only two, three Times in the season properly back cuts. No, a lawn appreciates it, if he is frequently mowed, and only a few millimeters are removed.

In the lawn care you have to invest a lot of time. For the not-too-large gardens, the modern battery, offer mower. You will not distribute any amounts of noise, and smell, like the smell of the gasoline, in addition to always jump. In the case of electric mowers, which hang on the box, you have to drag the cord behind. Like it freezes or it gets tangled. The Super-GAU: The lawn mower moves over the cable and cut supply your own power.

risk of injury Stiftung Warentest warns: This robot Lawn mowing also creepy children

In theory, speaks a lot for a device with a rechargeable battery. The Stiftung Warentest has tested eleven of the battery mower. The question is: Has the enough strength and stamina? Illusions, one should not make. Gasoline mower may have a power of 6 HP, or about 4000 watts. If necessary, run throughout the day. A battery mower, of course.

Two types of battery-powered mowers.

The test candidates in two groups. Seven of the devices have a cutting width of 37 to 43 centimetres, four mower 46 and 47 centimeters. The wider units are, on average, twice as expensive. The engine not only drives the knife, but also ensures a drive of the wheels. For the elderly, but also in the case of small surfaces, no unimportant Argument.

Cordless hand vacuum cleaner battery vacuum cleaner for a goods test, eight out of ten devices will be able to not suck By Gernot Kramper

In the test operation showed that caution is needed when buying. Two machines were fast. The spar of the Wingard broke after 46 hours of operation. A large Bust was also the well-known brand Gardena. Here, the handle broke off and the engine gave up the Ghost. Such devices can not recommend.

At the cost of a replacement battery, the power is reflected. Batteries with Power are significantly more expensive. But with a weak battery has no pleasure in the mower. The requirements of the product testers were modest: 250 square meters should mowing machine with a charging. In this task, devices have failed already. The shows, however, that For larger gardens, battery mowers are not suitable.

For the wet and the meadows are battery to> lawn mower weak

After all, there are also powerful devices. The mower from the Stihl has an additional wheel drive. With the two batteries provided almost 700 square meters. So that you can start something. This device makes the Battery but just as much noise as a new, quieter petrol mower. Therefore, the Stihl RMA 448 TC also receives only a grade of satisfactory, in spite of its good mowing result.

Apart from the volume he comes in the power cable the device on the approached. 880 Euro are a steep price. A cable or a petrol mower of the same brand for half.

Well, only two of the smaller units cut off. The test winner is the Einhell GE-CM 43 Li M with a mark of 2.3. With a cutting width of 43 centimetres, it is designed for surfaces of up to 600 square feet – but managed only 246 square meters. The winner of the test scores also have a “civilian” price: It costs 380 Euro. To 274 square meters of space, the Sabo 40-Accu came. The Sabo won with 2.4, also the Note well and the second place. He does, however, take 630 Euro.


The test results are very mixed. The only mower with lots of Power makes noise like a petrol unit, with its performance but he can’t keep up. The two “good” devices to cope with brand new batteries for only small areas. Given the prices this is anything other than satisfactory.

Stiftung Warentest battery lawn mower in the Test – virtually, but powerless in the tall Grass

Our opinion: Sporty garden owners with a small towel garden should be a manual reel mower will consider. So you can mow a small area with a perfect cut. The devices are indestructible and cheap. For larger lawns you don’t need to consider seriously whether or not one device but a Cable or a gasoline engine. Since only the performance is not right, they are also significantly cheaper than battery machine.

In the case of prices of about 600 euros, you can drag the purchase of a robot mower into consideration. These machines are the lawn care take over completely and give the lawn what he loves: A mini pruning paint several times a week, without hours of work will be invested.

The full Test with all the results you get, for a fee, www.test.de.


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