What to eat for Easter? Easter, after Christmas, second to the Christian Tradition is that the Familiar wants to be on the panel precisely because it is so traditional – and always, always the Same, never the same! Now what is Familiar to Easter, such as the hare? No, it is the lamb, it tastes adorable, by the way, is from Ireland or new Zealand, and sometimes even German shepherds, and it is so produced as sustainably as clean. In Germany we don’t have to limit ourselves mostly to the sheep, lamb, there are the goats, lambs enough. Who gets but with a bit of luck, one, you should use it, but it be weaker flavor, because goat lamb tastes really delicate.

but What now to do with the sheep lamb? Who don’t want to fry the Whole on a spit, is faced with the choice: back, leg, or shoulder? Back or the thigh are more likely to be cooked in the strand, or as a roasting piece, the shoulder is suitable to burn anyway, gently, next to the preparation in the Whole for the pieces.

For the piecemeal approach is: The small piece of meat cooked the more of the caramel, the overall surface is, the more Gravy you get. The quality and quantity of the roasting principle is the Basis for the Success of the Sauce – much the Roast will be good.

in addition to cook Ragouts, without Stress, you can comfortably prepare and can forgive the intermediate Cooling, (not because of the later violent). Doucement, – stated in France, doucement before you go samtpfotig – nice and smooth and easy, so to speak.

To recommend Easter I a Ragout of lamb shoulder, tender to the bite, juicy in the mouth and aromatic on the nose that it makes the guest will be. Yes, says the guest, do with me what you want, so you me of the delicious lamb as give … Who would the say that twice?

From the Maghreb, especially from Morocco, the variant comes to cooking lamb meat in the Quartet, in harmony with the apricots, plums and spices. The dried fruits have the advantage that they can hold good and that they are flavor intense.

It shall be liable to the dried fruit/baked fruit with us the Odium of the Ältlichkeit, as well as the fact that one of its ingredients is the plum, is considered as a Laxative. I don’t give a damn. Also dried fruit was on the tree in a state of plump, Fresh, and full maturity before him, warm Stoves, deprived of so much moisture that the ever-more concentrated sugar content preserves it from now on. Back to the fruit during Cooking, moisture in the Form of meat juices, then suck it up immediately and are almost as plump as before. Well, it is not a tree Fresh, what you signed, but you are a deep-reaching flavor.

In Morocco, stews in clay vessels cooked in, called a tagine. You need them but not mandatory to achieve a good result.

And click here for the recipe

We buy 1 kg boneless lamb shoulder, cut into cubes, and get further 5-6 TABLESPOONS olive oil 4-5 onions, peeled and roughly chopped, and a mixture of 2 TSP cinnamon, 2 TSP coriander, 2 TSP cumin, 1 TSP ginger, 1 TSP cardamom, 3 envelopes saffron, all in powder form.400 ml Lamb stock may be from the glass, 20 of prunes and apricots from the bag. We decorate the dish with blanched almonds, coriander green, mint and liquid honey, to make.

And so to work: The meat and to sauté the onions in a roasting pan in the Oil at medium-high heat round to a beautiful color, then with the spice mixture and sprinkle both some minutes, don’t over-roast.

The meat with lamb, deglaze the fond, and about the same amount of water – it’s supposed to be so much liquid in the roasting pan that the meat still looks to be about a quarter up.

Please remove the roast set for this action with a wooden scraper, the liquid briefly to a boil, at this point, add salt, the pan lids and then in a 140 degree preheated oven. The meat cooks for about 2 hours.

About 20 minutes before Serving, apricots and prunes add and mitgaren. Meanwhile you do this, let’s roast a handful of almonds in a dry frying pan over medium heat. Coriander and mint we hack. The meat in a serving bowl and garnish, sprinkle with almonds and herbs and just before Serving, drizzle with honey drizzle.

Couscous rich, Bulgur or rice, even steamed potatoes.

shoulder of lamb in the Entire

to cook The shoulder of quite a different kind of fun. After the Stew fall off the bone meat sticks so delicious on the fingers, to lick it from your fingers. Preparation:

The shoulder with olive oil RUB, salt and pepper, for 30 minutes in a roasting pan in a 220 degree hot oven, 250 ml of red wine and 5 cloves of garlic admit, the meat with aluminium foil to loosely envelop the oven to 140 degrees and reduce the meat 2-3 hours to cook.

A note on cooking time in the Stew: cooking times are always approximate and depend on the quality of the animal and the slaughter. For a better assessment of the Gargrades I recommend the purchase of a fine meat or sausage fork: race your tines easily into the meat, and is cooked the meat perfectly. The meat holds the fork tines, then it takes even more time.

To taste spicy lamb dishes a red wine that offers Paroli, and at the same time, in harmony. Here he comes …


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