Cords will not change the words of the song about the election

Photo credit: TASS/Sergei Maligawa

Sergey Shnurov said that will not change the song selection from the film “election Day” despite the possible Association of the words of the song with him after he became a member of the Party of growth, reports RIA Novosti.

“why? This folk are already saying it got into people, it’s singing. How can I change?”, – said Cords.

He noted that is not yet a candidate, but only joined the party and became a political activist. “When I’m a candidate, then let’s sing this song together”, – said the musician.

Cords Also said that one of the important topics considers culture as environment companies.

“Culture is not a system of prohibitions and a system of understanding that is appropriate. System mestnostei. Somewhere appropriate mate, and somewhere appropriate to remain silent. And the silence will look stronger and sound more than any swear word”, he added.

Earlier it became known that Sergey Shnurov has entered the ranks of the Party of growth. He said that with him in the policy will be “clearly better”. Participation in the elections to the state Duma and the elections to the Legislative Assembly of St. Petersburg musician refused to talk.

Cords entered the ranks of the Party of growth

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