This is a first victory for the teams on site. Thursday evening, the maritime prefecture of Toulon has announced that the two ships returned to the crash Sunday in the north-west of the cap Corse had been separated. After two attempts which had each resulted in a failure, the on-site team, composed of eight vessels, four French and four Italian, was able to carry out this delicate operation. “The combined effect of the movements of swell and from previous attempts at extrication, the ship Odysseus is released from the door-containers Virginia,” said the prefecture. The first ship that had flown into the second one which was at anchor.

The recovery operations of hydrocarbons are being pursued on the area of the accident. A plane Falcon 50 of the French Navy, as well as a device F406 customs, it was possible to follow the localization. Wednesday night, 150 cubic meters of hydrocarbons mixed with sea water had been recovered. The breach caused by the collision between the two vessels had left escape 600 tons of fuel oil propulsion, offshore of the cap Corse. An underwater video expert testifies of the breach caused by the violence of the shock. The prosecutor’s office in Paris has opened an investigation into the maritime accident. According to the maritime prefecture of Toulon, one in twenty people would be still on board the Virginia, and 45 on the Ulysses.


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