Who needs a handyman, can currently wait for a long time. Thanks to the current boom in construction, the order books are full. Lead times of several weeks and months in the case of many professionals, normal. In short, technicians and craftsmen are in many places desperately lacking. Nevertheless, many companies find for years, there are not enough apprentices, which exacerbates the defect. This is perhaps also due to the fact that simply not enough is being paid?

The job Board Stepstone has evaluated the star, the salaries of 5000 professionals from technical and craft Occupations. Accordingly, the gross annual salary of technicians and craftsmen have an average of 43,000 euros. Significantly higher than the average masters earn, according to the evaluation 58.300 Euro.

salary report In these ten industries earn professionals more than 60,000 euros Of Daniel Bakir electrical engineers

earning the best to look at individual professions are significant differences. So classic craftsmen such as painters, gardeners, roofers, and carpenters are earning under € 35,000 a year. Mechatronics and electronics over 45,000 euros and electrical engineers even in excess of EUR 50,000 annual salary. The increasing importance of electric mobility was reflected, in particular, in the case of the large automotive companies and suppliers, says Stepstone-content expert André Schaefer. “It is assumed that the salaries will rise in the professional groups.”

To earn a sought-after academics-professions many craft professions, but a significant distance. Engineers earn more than 60,000 euros, of Physicians are more than 70,000 euros in the year. Among the professions there are, however, a whole series of less well-paid (See: “In these ten Occupations will be paid on the worst”).

The average values for 23 technical and craft occupations is shown in the following table. All the salary data is annual gross salaries of employees and self-employed. Two-thirds of the respondents have more than ten years of professional experience. To take into account is that, for some occupations, the data base is quite small. According to Stepstone values for each of the occupations between 30 and 250 data sets are based on the average. Data were collected between October 2017 and October 2018.

table: Salaries of artisans and technicians


electrical technician

53.500 Euro


45.900 euros

electronics technician

45.100 Euro


44,800 euros


44.500 Euro

service engineer

44.300 Euro

the train driver

43.600 Euro


43.600 Euro


43.100 Euro

industrial mechanic

43.100 Euro

system mechanic

42.100 Euro

customer support technician

40.700 Euro


39.800 Euro


39.200 Euro

machine operator

38.100 Euro

machine operator

38.100 Euro

forklift driver

36,500 euros


of 36,300 Euro


33.500 Euro


33.100 Euro

metal workers

33.000 Euro

the gardener

32.900 Euro


32.500 Euro

source: Stepstone


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