A Hamburger in the belly of a dog to eat. Or a Hot Dog, eat a Snack in the Form of an oversized Hot Dogs. All of this was and is partly still in southern California possible. Because there has established itself over the decades, a particularly imaginative form of game in the construction industry, it’s called “roadside architecture”.

It can also be a gigantic Donuts on the rooftop, Restaurants, in the Form of a Männerhutes or of a brick-built pig, in order to attract the looks of potential customers. Because all of these oblique commercial buildings, together with the fact that you are in a city that has adapted to the needs of the mobile society and this is has become.

is The nightmare of any designer More Kitsch is not – welcome to the craziest Hotel California By Till Bartels

Unusual building to serve as a decoy. This recipe was especially in the first half of the 20th century. Century successfully and settled in the then young and with no history metropolis the best to implement. Unlike on the East coast there was no jumble of restricting construction vessels, and no Ballast-inhibiting Tradition.

Architectural flash in the pan or icons?

Some of these buildings were forgotten, were simply demolished, others sold and cultivated. Not many consider this style for cheap Trash architecture that is anything but sustainable, and you have dubbed as a freak show of the architectural sprawl.

the architecture critic David Gebhard discovered already 40 years ago, the value of this from the history of architecture at the time, overlooked the building. His Essay “An architecture of time” is reprinted in the new edition of the book “California Crazy – American Pop Architecture”. This extensive and advanced picture book, published by pocket, is considered to be the standard work for all lovers of the so-humorous architecture in southern California.

On the following pages of the photo gallery we present some images from the photo book in the Jim Heimann, many historical recordings compiled and can serve as a suggestion of the trail on your next visit to Los Angeles.

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