in the face of world criticism, has defended the Chinese researchers He Jiankui and his work, which should have led to the birth of the world’s first genetically modified babies. The scientists must do more to help people with diseases, says He on a genome researchers conference in Hong Kong, where he is international experts the questions applied.

All of the reports can be found on the topics page, “Crispr – man recreates itself”

It was the first appearance of He, since he had triggered on Monday with one on Youtube has posted a Video with scientists and ethicists worldwide outrage. In it, he had proclaimed the birth of the first genetically modified babies Lulu and Nana. The embryos made interference with the first discovered a few years ago Genschere Crispr/Cas9 should make the children whose correct identity of the scientist a secret want to hold, thus resistant to HIV. An independent confirmation of the claim are not yet available.

critics warn of unforeseeable risks

In Hong Kong, repeated He, he lots of pairs of healthy mother and a HIV-mounted total number of children infected father to Try and join in. At the end of one of the pairs of twins have. “On this particular case, I’m really proud of,” said He.

What is Crispr? The genetic engineering Crispr –

The world of tomorrow and of the man himself. This is made possible by a new genetic engineering: Crispr/Cas9, in short, Crispr. With it, researchers want to make plants and animals. And heal the people of Aids, cancer, or genetic and hereditary diseases. The mechanism is simple, cheap and highly efficient. That’s what makes him so promising for science and economy – and so controversial.

Only a few years ago, the researchers have made the inside Emmanuelle Charpentier and Jennifer Doudna, the crucial discovery. They described how a self-defense system used by bacteria against viruses, as a General purpose factory stuff in the genome editing. Within months, the realization has changed the work in laboratories around the world. Even today, researchers are using Crispr/Cas9, for example in the field of biotechnology. Chinese researchers are testing them on human, if not enabled embryos to be life. the

it is Already: Crispr is everyday life. But how, when, why and for whom you should allow the genome tailoring? Yet these questions are still open. THE TIME and TIME ONLINE have to make of technology a focus dedicated to Crispr – Evolution-it-yourself.


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