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Lulu and Nana have changed the world, without it. For The Better? For The Worse? The Chinese researchers He Jiankui will have changed their genetic material in the laboratory using the biological tool Crispr/Cas9 to selectively so that the twins from birth against the HI-Virus are immune to it. Not yet been independently confirmed, that there are these kids at all. If Yes, and if He has changed your genetic material targeted by Genschere, that would be reprehensible. Such Trials on humans are to be condemned. And yet what you claim He is, neither the occasion for apocalyptic scenarios, nor a reason to demonize an auspicious technology, which optimizes the agriculture, new therapies allows you to and life will save.

Alone Hes appearance is a turning point. So he has placed over all, and mankind to a point, for she was not yet ready – although it was clear that this Moment would come. Ethics councils, Doctors and researchers around the world have already warned longer before, even a Moratorium for Crispr-required changes to human DNA. At the same time, the possible medical consequences are not calculable, but heat is manageable. Even if He has actually carried out the procedure on the embryos, the output is completely open: Maybe the girls are immune to HIV, perhaps it has brought nothing, in the worst case, you will be due to the genetic modification sick – a thought that highlights how ruthless the HTS Experiment.

The teaching of this moral debacle: Crispr is capable of anything, what researchers hope researchers since the discovery of the revolutionary Genschere and what they have been for the initial success of the procedure warn. With Crispr, the man can create the world according to his ideas, by repairing Defects in the genetic Code or targeted properties. This works with the genetic material of bacteria and plants as well as with the people. So easy, fast and secure like never before – without being infallible, of course.

What is Crispr? The genetic engineering Crispr –

The world of tomorrow and of the man himself. This is made possible by a new genetic engineering: Crispr/Cas9, in short, Crispr. With it, researchers want to make plants and animals. And heal the people of Aids, cancer, or genetic and hereditary diseases. The mechanism is simple, cheap and highly efficient. That’s what makes him so promising for science and economy – and so controversial.

Only a few years ago, the researchers have made the inside Emmanuelle Charpentier and Jennifer Doudna, the crucial discovery. They described how a self-defense system used by bacteria against viruses, as a General purpose factory stuff in the genome editing. Within months, the realization has changed the work in laboratories around the world. Even today, researchers are using Crispr/Cas9, for example in the field of biotechnology. Chinese researchers are testing them on human, if not enabled embryos to be life. the

it is Already: Crispr is everyday life. But how, when, why and for whom you should allow the genome tailoring? Yet these questions are still open. THE TIME and TIME ONLINE have to make of technology a focus dedicated to Crispr – Evolution-it-yourself.


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