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The last taboo read announced. Researchers, ethicists, and Geneticists the world has been trying for years to prepare for that one day children will come to the world, in the genome of humans intentionally and purposefully have written: babies, where in the embryonic stage genes removed, damaged or have been added. The Genschere Crispr/Cas9, in short, Crispr, makes it possible (see Infobox). Now it could be so far: A Chinese researcher has announced in the past month, the first Crispr-twins had come to the world. However, there are doubts and according to strong criticism.

He Jiankui the man who wants to have taboo is broken now. The lecturer of the Southern University of Science and Technology, the AP news Agency said he had taken seven pairs of artificial insemination, sperm and ova, in order to remove the embryos with Crispr a particular Gene. The Genschere works in the genome of a cell, so to speak, such as search-and-replace function of a text processor, it is extremely accurate and easy. Three to five days after that, He considered, according to a private report to the cells of the embryo, whether the Gene is actually removed, the procedure so successful was lost. When he was sure that he had used eleven Crispr-embryos at six different women, he says. The result: a twin pregnancy and finally the birth of the girl Lulu and Nana.

What is Crispr? The genetic engineering Crispr –

The world of tomorrow and of the man himself. This is made possible by a new genetic engineering: Crispr/Cas9, in short, Crispr. With it, researchers want to make plants and animals. And heal the people of Aids, cancer, or genetic and hereditary diseases. The mechanism is simple, cheap and highly efficient. That’s what makes him so promising for science and economy – and so controversial.

Only a few years ago, the researchers have made the inside Emmanuelle Charpentier and Jennifer Doudna, the crucial discovery. They described how a self-defense system used by bacteria against viruses, as a General purpose factory stuff in the genome editing. Within months, the realization has changed the work in laboratories around the world. Even today, researchers are using Crispr/Cas9, for example in the field of biotechnology. Chinese researchers are testing them on human, if not enabled embryos to be life. the

it is Already: Crispr is everyday life. But how, when, why and for whom you should allow the genome tailoring? Yet these questions are still open. THE TIME and TIME ONLINE have to make of technology a focus dedicated to Crispr – Evolution-it-yourself.


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