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today Sex is for many people easier than ever before. But while the most well-informed how you can prevent, the Knowledge about sexually transmitted diseases is patchy. The issue is associated with shame. TIME ONLINE is devoted to, therefore in a Safer-Sex-focus on the question: How can I stay in the Sex healthy? Because Sex should be beautiful, but also safe.

Lena Schulze* was often at the gynecologist. The first Time she was 14 and found it to be quite embarrassing. Meanwhile, Schulze is 27 and says she got used to it, the appointments with the gynaecologist had become the annual Routine.

The final visit, says Schulze, but this was different: uncomfortable and shame filled. Because the man she’s sleeping at the moment, has the clap, more specifically gonorrhea, a sexually transmitted, bacterial infection disease told. The two of preventing with condoms, she says. That Schulze has got, is rather unlikely. “However, I wanted to be on the safe side and test myself.” (Note: Accurate information about the main sexually transmitted diseases is available at the end of the text)

In the case of the woman doctor stopped to ask questions such as: With a condom can happen, but nothing, is it? How, by oral sex I can catch me the clap? “I’ve kept to myself for actually getting for its security,” says Schulze: “In the conversation it became to me clear, however, how little I really know about sexually transmitted diseases.” She wondered: What exactly is Safer Sex?

These are the questions many other people ask themselves: How do I have Sex, which is nice, but at the same time safe? Enough with the condom? And how much do I have to worry about sexually transmitted diseases?

Many young people would like to know more about STDs

These questions are out of date, because the Sex in Germany and Europe has changed. On the one hand, many studies suggest that, he has become more relaxed, more varied, less restricted by social conventions, free. At the same time, but our Knowledge seems to have safety in the Sex, not kept pace. Almost every third of 14 – to 25-Year-olds in Germany is of the view that he or she would need to know more about sexually transmitted diseases (BZgA, 2015). Among 16 – to 44-Year-old, it doesn’t look much different. This turned out to be in any other survey: the clap was every second a term, and chlamydia, but knew only ten percent of the respondents. The infection is one of the most common Sex-transmitted diseases, especially among young women. If left untreated, they can, at worst, sterile.

In dealing with sexually transmitted diseases Doris Scharrel, gynaecologist and Vice-Chairman of the professional Association of gynaecologists advises: Who pain complaints of the lower abdomen, itching in the genital area, and strange discharge from the vagina, pain during urination or other unclear symptoms, should go to the doctor and be examined.

first: the condom

The Problem is: “For the majority of infections, there are no discernible symptoms,” says Klaus Jansen from the Robert Koch Institute (RKI). It is all the more important to minimize the risk of contagion in advance. For example through Safer Sex, so behavior and precautions to protect against the AIDS virus HIV, and also help to reduce the risk of infection with other sexually transmitted diseases.

This is safest to use a condom. It prevents the mucous membrane of the Penis the mucous membrane of the sexual partner comes into contact. Also the genital secretions of the woman, as well as the drop of pleasure of the man, so the pre-seminal fluid, have no Chance to overcome the barrier of the rubber. “Against HIV, the condom provides the right of access to safe shelter,” says gynecologist Scharrel, provided it has the right size, is properly used, according to the transport integrity checked, and not only during vaginal intercourse, but also anal sex and Blowjob over strips. The same is also true for men who have Sex with men. Not for nothing, the BZgA promotes for years tirelessly: Use condoms.


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