Petra Köpping, Saxony’s Minister for equality and Integration, is applying in the next few weeks, together with the lower Saxony Boris Pistorius to the SPD chair. The two have an Outside chance, about as high as the possibility that RB Leipzig this season, the German champion. In other words – unlikely, but entirely impossible it is not.

star-Reportage journey through the country whence comes the anger? Saxony and the longing for change

Köpping has written a book. It bears the promising title of “Integrated but first to us.” Who wants to has before this weekend, still nothing on Sunday night, don’t be surprised, why in the Landtag elections in Brandenburg and Saxony the right-wing populist AfD with reasonable certainty, about the 20-percent mark is March, you should read it. Köpping describes in great detail the humiliation of the German East after the turn. “The defeat of the state was converted were in the East, in individual low.” It is now clear: Such a thing does not happen in vain in politics. On Sunday, hit 18 hrs, is it that time again.

of Brandenburg and of Saxony before the ungovernability?

The collective humiliation that was often to an individual, led to bitterness, frustration, and sometimes even to rejection of democracy. Not all, but many. And it explains why it is in Saxony for a long time as a realistic scenario, the AfD could become the strongest party (with a strong the CDU is excluded according to recent polls, probably), it also explains why a once-proud people’s party, as the SPD will enter in the German Southeast, only single-digit results. A party system as we knew it in the West, is eroded, as soon as you could get used to the East of it. Only 30 years that took a while. A Generation.

DISKUTHEK those Who understand the East better?

for a Moment unjust – one might say: the hour of The losers ‘ hits.

How to sing “The Doctors”?

Your violence is just a silent cry for love

Your combat boots are longing for tenderness

You have never learned to articulate

And your parents had never cry for you time

according to love. True, the song is about a Skinhead. But at some point the line comes: “Because you have problems that are of no interest.” The combat boots time is omitted, then the verse hits, the well-being of those in the East German elections cabins at the AfD, it’s pretty good. No one had time for you. And learned to articulate themselves correctly, they had not even. Now, the silent cry is so loud that you are out irritated.

And so the attention will be generated on Sunday said, at least. The people’s parties, or what is left of them, will have to think about how to do it now. With them self. But also with parts of the country, the select might be in a de facto ungovernability into it.

all of This is not fair to the vast majority of that – from whatever motives – for the “system-stabilizing” the parties have decided. It would therefore be good if you could take into account in the Interpretation of the election results, this is one order of magnitude for a Moment. It is after all, just under 80 per cent.

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