CSKA defeated

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the Moscow football club CSKA has defeated “Ufa” in the test match. The meeting ended with the score 3:0, reports RIA Novosti.

the Game took place in Spanish Barcelona. As part of the army club all 3 ball counts midfielder of Arnor Sigurdsson. Icelandic footballer scored goals in the 47th, 83rd and 85th minutes of the match.

it is Noted that this match was for CSKA the last in the collection in Spain.

Next game CSKA will play in the championship of Russia. After the winter break opponent CSKA will be the Ekaterinburg “Ural”. The meeting is scheduled for February 29.

Earlier, CSKA defeated the Spanish soccer club in a friendly match. The game ended with the score 2:0 in favour of CSKA.

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