Biography 28/02/20/f White sun of the desert”Customs gives good!”: the tragic fate of the actor Pavel Luspekaev

the Customs officer Vereschagin from a film “White sun of the desert”, performed by Pavel Luspekaev still is one of the most beloved characters audiences. Unfortunately for 42-year-old Luspekaev this role has been one of the last.

Frostbite of foot

Luspekaev Pavel Borisovich was born in the Rostov region in the village of Great Sala in 1927. His father was an Armenian (actually the real name of the actor Luspekaev), and the mother – Cossack. When came the Great Patriotic war, Paul was only 14 years old. However, the guy wasn’t going to sit at home. After 2 years he went to the front. During the war years the young man was engaged in intelligence operations. Once he had a few hours to lie in the snow, with the result that Paul had frostbitten feet. Subsequently, this episode will be the determining factor in life Luspekaev and will cause irreparable damage to his health.

Almost immediately after the victory of Boris came to the capital, where he entered the Shchukin school. There he met his future wife Inna Kirillov, which will be his real support in the difficult years of the disease.


In 1962, Boris starred in the film for children “Nylon networks”. The actor has completed work in the movie: he was urgently hospitalized. Pavel Borisovich found a vascular disease, therefore doctors insisted on amputation of feet. But later still decided to do only your fingers. While Boris struggled with illness, his character was voiced by a different artist. For a long time, the actor was tormented by unbearable pain.

the Disease has receded. In 1968, when he played his most famous role Vereshchagin, he didn’t have both feet. The actor could barely move. On the set Luspekaev was supported by a faithful wife ina. As he walked, then rested it on her shouldersO. However, the proposal of the Director that Vereshchagin is possible to supply the crutches, Paul Miller flatly rejected. He was only 42 years old.

the Death of

Contrary to popular belief, “White sun of the desert” was not the last movie that happened to star Luspekaeva. He managed to fulfill a few more roles before he was gone. Shortly before his death what happened what he feared: he still amputated one leg.

the Actor died on 17 April 1970 from aortic dissection. His remains rest in St. Petersburg in the North cemetery.

it is Noteworthy that even the customs officers honor the memory of the actor who played the brave customs officer as if he really was with them. They consider Paul Vereschagin’s role model. This is not surprising because he never took bribes: the power was hurt.

Yulia Popova

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