The number of wolf attacks on livestock in Germany rose sharply. The Neue Osnabrücker Zeitung reported, citing the damage balance sheet for the year 2017, the competent documentation centre of the Federal government (DBBW). Accordingly, the number of attacks increased compared with the year-on-year to just under 66 percent to 472 cases. Also, the number of those killed, injured or missing animals have increased significantly – by 55 percent to about 1.667. Mainly sheep, were among the Victims.

the Federal Minister for agriculture, Julia Klöckner (CDU), was in view of these Figures to the newspaper for a “moderate conservation”. The Federal Ministry for the environment must act and the shooting of individual animals is certainly possible. This requirement also emerges from a paper of the CDU and the CSU in November, in which the parties make a plea for hunting for excess of certain stock would be allowed to have limits. So far, only animals with behavioural problems may be imposes in individual cases.

the report recommends protection measures for animals

the report of the documentation centre, helps the launch of wolves, if at all, but only in the short term. In order to keep the problem permanently as low as possible, should sheep and goats in wolf areas are rather comprehensively protected. The way of the animal husbandry should be adapted “to the presence of wolves”, the newspaper quoted the report. Most of the attacks, there is a rule where new territories of wolves are looking for and the Livestock owners have reacted to the lack of protective measures. Most of the damage in these areas decreased after a year or two, if the pet owner would have built a proper protection.

The country’s formerly extinct wolves spread out in a number of years. In the period 2017/2018 the DBBW were-according to data on 73 pack, 30 wolf couples and a few single wolves in Germany demonstrated. Most of the wolves live at the moment, in Brandenburg, Saxony, Saxony-Anhalt and lower Saxony.


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