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In the toothpaste stuck in a loud foreign words: silicate compounds, sodium lauryl sulfate, Sorbitol, Fluoride. Silicates, the detergents, sodium lauryl sulfate creates foam, Sorbitol prevents the Pasta from drying out in the Tube. And Fluoride? They protect the teeth from decay. Proof.

Nevertheless, the headlines suggest again and again that fluoride is harmful: “fluoride makes you stupid”, “fluoride is toxic, fluoride makes our bones fragile” – 2017, a study from Mexico, becoming unsettled at the end of parents ‘ (Environmental Health Perspectives: Bashash et al., 2017). The investigation came to the conclusion that a lot of fluoride could interfere in the pregnancy, the intelligence of the children. The world media reported and illustrated their article with toothpaste, the product that many people associate with fluoride. Should we sacrifice so better on Fluoride toothpaste? And it is for children even harmful?

Not at all, says the dentists Ulrich Schiffner. He researches and teaches at the University hospital of Hamburg-Eppendorf on the topic of dentistry. The study has shown that fluoride is affecting children, they would have interpreted many of the journalists wrong: “the intelligence of The children was in the normal range, none had at all diminished intelligence.”

in Addition, in the study never to toothpaste – the authors themselves have claimed to be never. Instead, it should be determined how the substance affects newborns, when mothers included in the pregnancy fluoride through food and drinking water. The fluoride content in the Mexican drinking water varies greatly. Can’t check it the citizens, for he is not recorded on a regular basis. In Germany this is different: Here everyone can look at his water utility how much fluoride containing drinking water.

fluoride in Germany in disrepute, for Schiffner incomprehensible. Already for a long time, he is concerned with the prophylactic effect of the substance to decay, and is even of the opinion that Children’s toothpaste should contain more of it than has been the norm.

fluoride As fluoride protects the Tooth

Between our teeth and the fluid that surrounds it, is a balance. In order to get it upright, the tooth enamel is constantly in motion: Small particles dissolve, while others accumulate. When we eat sugar, it creates acid. The balance device of a mess. From the tooth enamel of various small particles, such as, for example, Calcium ions dissolve and then to restore it. The Tooth dissolves and is vulnerable to tooth decay.

fluoride can prevent this from happening: it is about the toothpaste to the teeth, it reacts with the Calcium ions in the mouth to form calcium fluoride and protective to the tooth surface. When bacteria convert then back to sugar to acid, dissolving the acid first, the calcium fluoride before it attacks the tooth enamel.


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