Bad Dates. We are all familiar with. You have to carry on, in search of the (halfway) “the Right”. On some nights, we still remember years later and laugh, either about it or upset, how impossible the other in a daze.

So it was probably an Englishman named Luke James. The power laughed this week about a list of complaints he had sent his Tinder-Date Kimberly Latham-hawke Ford three months after their Meeting. She posted his brash, absurd “suggestions for improvement” on Facebook. Sample: “If You’d lose a bit of weight, You might look beautiful. About six pounds, I think.”, “You need more sense of Humor. You laughed at none of my jokes or The fact that You are taking things slow, makes You a prude. I didn’t get a single kiss, has hit my Ego hard. Go with the feelings of others a little more sensitive.”

Henriette Bright: Love from Hell Eiko Weishaupt

Henrietta Bright was born in 1985 and works as a journalist/writer based in Hamburg and on-the-go on your travels around the globe. Her book “here I come! In 80 orgasms around the world” in 2015, appeared and was promptly a best-seller. In 2017, followed by “come First, then The Sexbibel for 21. Century”. Henriette likes to write, be honest and casual about Sex, because you will find that a lot of people do.

Clearly, this Luke has a sock shot. However, I have spoken with friends about this topic and we agreed that some could benefit from it, if you are after them, again in writing, what is wrong. And this column is really not the perfect place for it. Please:

“I was honestly confused, as you have brought to our appointment your friend. To this day, I wonder if you wanted to have a Threesome with me or something that I have understood since miss. Anyway, I felt a little fooled.”

“If you want to be kissed on a Date, you should eat before, not a Döner.”

“You have every sentence with “ey” or “age” ends. This has shown me that you’re me intellectually. Sorry, Digga.”

“have You told that you were recently at a concert by Max Giesinger and you feel you picked up from his texts, “an emotional total”. That’s WHY I never called her again.”

“It was weird, as I was matched once by accident with my sister on Tinder. We had used both so funny Snapchat filters and therefore not detected. Luckily, I have sent her any dick pics.”

“If you ladies visit get, then check it before, how the condition of your toilet is and whether you the last Time you flushed you …PLEASE”

“I thought it was not cool, you’ve got me googling, and everything about me know. Even the names of my parents, my dog and my superiors.”

“You have 48 hours together with me in my apartment, spent, and you never Once brushed my teeth. As I asked you then, did you mean just that it was overrated. Since I was very blümerant.”

“I found it embarrassing that you have asked for our bill up to the last Cent split wanted and for me in the end how much to tip.”

“I have mentioned the name ‘The Prodigy’ and you had no idea what I’m talking about. That’s when I knew that you are not the Correct can be that clueless.”

“You came already drunk, to Date, have all the time talking about how nervous you are and within an hour, five bottles of beer destroyed. At some point, my test you then: ‘I’m totally drunk. Now, let’s go to my house, and birds.’ But I didn’t want to. Because you got mad because of the time wasted and so on. But I’m not holding on howitzers.”

“If you can’t do it, to get me my first Drink, you’re a Pussy.”

“You recently ran a half marathon and feed you vegan? I’m not interested in. I get up three days awake in the Club with Redbull and Bifi. Raven is my Sport.”

“You asked me on our first Date if I want to have children and I noted that my biological clock is ticking. Fuck!

“you told me on our first Date, directly to the fact that your biological clock is ticking and to me your Plan for the next two years, presented wedding, a house, two kids … But please WITHOUT ME!

“You have lured me into your apartment, because you give me your balcony with a view over the river Elbe show wanted, but in truth you just wanted to home because you had forgotten your Grass. Then you have booms you, Lord of the rings of power and you’re asleep on your Sofa. I had to close the door behind me. Thank you for the lovely evening.”

“wasn’t It cool that you just sent your roommate to our Date, without giving me notice.”

“You asked me after twenty minutes, if I want to move in with you in a Line Speed on the toilet. I’m afraid you have a rather serious addiction problem.”

“We were with the Indians and you’re gone for forty minutes on the toilet. After that, I no longer wanted to see you without pants.” .”

“You open the door, my gaze fell on your Sandals and it was over.”

“Is it too much to cut it regularly his fingernails and toenails? You are the most beautiful man I had seen in a Long time, but such Details change EVERYTHING easy were. Sorry.”

“We went to your apartment, and it was the same WG, in which I had been the day before. In the case of your roommate. To this day, I wonder if he has recommended me to you, or whether it was a coincidence. Each cases that was the reason why I had to suddenly become more urgent way.”

Love From Hell Horst-Schlämmer-type makes indecent proposal – in the middle of the Dubai airport!

at 4 a.m., at the Dubai Airport you will experience strange things. Henriette had to Light this week in front of a Sheikh and his Harem escape ..


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