lung specialist Dieter Köhler has argued in his critique of pollutant limit values with incorrectly calculated Numbers. He confirmed to the taz, the erroneous calculations revealed. Köhler had published with others an opinion, in which it was stated that there is “no scientific justification for the current limit values”. Many other scientists disagreed.

Köhler had claimed, who breathe in next to a busy road and lives to 80 years of age, during his life only as much nitrogen oxides as someone who smokes a pack of cigarettes a day. According to the taz, the load is actually so high as someone who smokes six to 32 years of this lot, depending on the assumed proportion of nitrogen dioxide to the nitrogen oxide, the taz reports.

The newspaper points out that Köhler delivery seems to be a mistake, as he expected, the NO2-to-value of a cigarette on the box. The doctor confirmed his calculation errors. Many scholars believe that it is already problematic to compare a permanent load due to nitrogen oxides in the air, with the short-term peak load in smokers.

Also in fine dust

charged in addition, Köhler had argued: “The concentration of fine dust in the main flow of cigarette smoke actually reaches 100-500 g/m3, and is up to 1 Million times greater than the limit.” According to the calculations of the taz, the concentration, however, is actually tens of millions of Times. On request of the taz Köhler admitted to have accidentally used the wrong terms. Correctly a value of 10 to 50 micro-grams in the cigarette smoke are 100 to 500 micrograms per cubic meter. The factor of a Million would at least be correct.

The taz, according to this disclosure, however, is not correct, since it is based on a false assumption of the current pollutant content of cigarettes. In the EU, a limit value of 10 milligrams of tar per cigarette has been valid since 2004.

“The default of the EU, I don’t know,” said lung specialist Köhler of the newspaper. He does not see his error, however, as a big Problem, because the magnitude of voice. “I’m virtually all alone and don’t have a Secretary as a pensioner.”


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