The US space Agency Nasa has declared the Mission of the Mars Rover Opportunity has officially closed. Previously one last attempt to communicate with the robot failed. Opportunity is not within reach since a violent dust storm eight months ago. The Rover has explored since 2004, the Mars.

Nasa-informed experts they’d heard, despite all efforts, nothing from the Rover. The Mission will be terminated. Nasa had previously announced, to send a series of signal commands to Opportunity. The engineers could not have imagined that Opportunity would be such a long time in operation, – said the head of the Mission, John Callas. Even if it were a machine, the case, it is “hard to say goodbye”.

10. June had sent Opportunity his last message. A dust storm is plated at this time, the entire surface of the planet. The Mars Rover was operated on solar power, through the storm, he probably had enough energy to charge the batteries.

The Rover was launched in July 2003 on Board of a carrier rocket from the spaceport Cape Canaveral. About a year and a half later, on may 25. In January 2004, landed the 185-pound, six-wheeled Rover on Mars. Originally the Mission was supposed to last only 90 days, then after 15 years were finally. In this time, the robot travelled more than 45 km. Among other things, Opportunity found evidence that there was on Mars once liquid water.

“It is groundbreaking missions such as Opportunity, that one day, our brave astronauts will walk on the surface of Mars, said Nasa Administrator Jim bride Stine, according to a statement of Nasa. “And when that day comes, belongs to a part of the first footprint to the men and women of Opportunity, and a small Rover that has done the probabilities are defied, and so much in the name of exploration.”

Along with Opportunity, the identical second Rover, Spirit on Mars, which could not be achieved since 2010. In 2012, Nasa sent as a successor to the Curiosity Rover, is in operation today. 2024 Mars Rover Mission is due to launch.

red Planet Of Mars

red Planet – the Mars called. This nickname comes from the large amounts of iron oxide, i.e. rust, on its surface. Because of its red gleam the Romans named the neighboring planet of the earth once after their God of war.

Today, we know that it has a diameter of 6.794 km. This is about half the diameter of the earth diameter. The force of gravity is only one-third as large as the earth, but the days of last 37 minutes longer. A Mars year, according to corresponds to 669 days, what is earth-687 days.

the conditions on the planet are significantly different from here. Its atmosphere consists of about 95 percent carbon dioxide on earth it is 0.04 per cent, but only to about 0.13 percent oxygen. Here are about 21 percent. The average temperature is minus 55 degrees Celsius, it means: It’s time a pleasant 27 degrees Celsius on the Red planet – or-minus 133.

the Latter is partly due to the relatively large average distance to the sun. With 228 million kilometers, Mars is 1.5-times as far from the Central star of our solar system as the earth. the


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