DeníkN (Czech Republic): the rapid pace of change of the Constitution, it is surprising that doubts and fears. What to be afraid of Europe?

for the First time, the Russians learned that their life with the new Constitution, President Putin’s January 15, 2024. On 16 January they already had the new Prime Minister. January 20 — new attorney-General, and on the same day in the hands of the deputies was the text of the amendments of the main law of the country. Followed by a hasty discussion, and on April 12 will adopt the Russian people. Efficiency and quickness with which Putin is seeking fundamental changes, the envy of any dictator.

In Russia there was a special term for the recent resolute action of President Vladimir Putin — the transit authority.

He carried out with such speed and pressure that the average citizen simply has no chance to understand the changes in senior management and in the most important laws. People just need to believe that Putin wants good for the people, and not to impede him on the way to an improved structure of power, as, simplifying the situation, write Russian observers.

“the Speed with which change the Constitution, exceeded all expectations,” writes analyst Fedor Krasheninnikov and predicts that the pace of Putin may increase.

But for haste while there is no apparent reason. Political crisis in Russia passed a few years ago. Until the end of Putin’s presidency remained four years, and in the political arena, Putin has no opponent..

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Perhaps the fact that Putin wants to feel first, always ready and be confident that he is in control of everything before it announced the name of the heir. After “the days after Putin” prepares not only he.

And the traditional quality of Russian rulers, who too long been in power, is the paranoid fear of their immediate environment.

Cossacks — the guarantors of order in the streets

the changes Proposed by the President in the Constitution, no doubt, will be approved without much scrutiny. The Constitution will strengthen the people a guaranteed minimum wage; some of the powers will be distributed between the State Duma, the President and the Federation Council; the new constitutional body will be the Council of State; the Russian laws will take precedence over international law; the power of Ministers is appointed by the President after consultation with senators; to be re-elected to the presidency will not be more than two times and so on.

a Large part of the Russian deputies and senators applauded the proposals Putin and present them as a significant democratic step that leads to more equitable distribution of power, but not the chaos or the parliamentary Republic, which Russia is supposedly not good.

Meanwhile, new deals appear. Putin has created a group to draft amendments to the main law of the country, and no one restricts the initiative of its members.

So, expressed, for example, ataman Nikolai Doluda, member of the working group, in which 75 members. He wants to enshrine in the Russian Constitution the right of municipalities to form a Cossack militia. In his opinion, this will help in the protection of public order.

the working group on introduction of treasontions to the Constitution has 75 members, and this is a symbolic number, which should remind about the upcoming this year is the 75th anniversary of the end of world war II.

the group included, for example: Valentina Tereshkova, first woman cosmonaut and a staunch Communist, a Cossack ataman Nikolai Doluda, the nationalist writer Zakhar Prilepin, who fought on the side of Pro-Russian separatists in the Donbass, the Olympic champion in pole vaulting Yelena Isinbayeva, who became famous for the fight against international anti-doping Agency.

a Few of the members of this body, which officially entrusted the future content of the Constitution, have at least some experience in the field of constitutional law and political science.

“It’s a circus” — so the group described the Moscow Professor of law Elena Lukyanova in an interview with the German “der Spiegel”. All decisions are made by the President and his entourage, not heterogeneous working group.

However, the addition of Doluda belongs to the category of changes that may lead to a suppression of civil liberties and repression of the political opposition outside the law. Something like this will only strengthen the existing tendency to control citizens to the elimination of activists and political opponents.

this is related to suspicions that have recently expressed by several reputable Russian scientists. They talk about trying to steal the Constitution from the way that she stood up after the Soviet collapse in 1991 and the adoption of a new, democratic Constitution in 1993, which operated without any changes so far.

the Current Constitution of the Russian Federation adopted in 1993. She fixed the consequences of the collapse of the Communist Empire of the Soviet Union and the emergence of a completely new state — The Russian Federation. In addition, the Constitution put an end to the one party system and became the first Russian liberal Constitution in history.

“Behind the facade of the presidential speech lurks the idea of creating a corporate state. As it was already,” writes, for example, doctor of political Sciences from University College London Vladimir Pastukhov.

According to him, Russia is returning to democratic centralism, which in the modern Russian Federation has already taken root. What the analyst has in mind? “Imperial personified vertical of power”. This future state will be based on the redesigned Putin the Constitution.

Not one of the Shepherds says that the proposed changes in the Constitution so change its spirit, that essentially need to take a new one. “We are witnessing the last and highest stage of the creeping constitutional counter-revolution, which with a few interruptions continues since 2001. Empire, it would seem, consigned to the past, causing your blow back”.

Borders at his own discretion

Press Secretary of the Kremlin Dmitry Peskov said Russian citizens that they will have the opportunity to comment on the proposed changes in the Constitution. However, the discussion will be, first and foremost, loyal to the Kremlin state television, and given the lack of political opposition, to comment on the reform will be mainly experts working in public institutions.

“I call on all of society is in any case not to give the Constitution in private hands brazen bureaucracy. Amendments to the Constitution — it is all the Russians” — this was an attempt to bring public consciousness from lethargy Preprintl one of the famous Democrats of the 90-ies of the last century, the head of the movement “Yabloko” Grigory Yavlinsky. Given that it uses the minimum voter support, his voice few had heard.

© RIA Novosti, Alexei Nikolsky | go to potamanthidae the message of the President of the Russian Federation V. Putin Federal Sobraniyu urges caution and well-known scientist, Professor Valery Solovey, doctor of historical Sciences. The most important change, he believes, which puts the Russian laws above the laws international. According to him, Russia is preparing an entirely new type of foreign policy. Constitutional change is clearly not confined to the domestic arena and the provision of Putin’s political immortality, but also beyond the borders of Russia. According to some political analysts, they directly affect all who live in close proximity to Russia.

How to create a new version of the Russian Constitution.

on 15 January the President proposed to amend the existing Constitution in his address to the Federal Assembly.

on 15 January the President established a working group to prepare amendments.

on January 16, President Putin instructed the members of the group a specific task.

on January 17 was held the first meeting of the working group.

19 January, the working group on amendments to the Constitution announced that it has completed the exact wording of the changes and the discussion of all the legal aspects.

20 January, the working group sent to the President the exact official wording of his proposed changes in the form in which they are submitted to the State Duma.

January 20, two hours later, Putin introduced to the State Duma etcizlojenie on amendments to the Constitution.

In social networks, as well as expert circles with new force debate about a possible further extension of the so-called Russian world in connection with the recent steps by President Putin and the planned changes to the Constitution. Nightingale even expressed concern that Moscow will continue its expansion with a vengeance.

“Russia border there, and with whomever she wants. It is our ideology. This is the philosophy of contemporary Russian foreign policy,” says the Nightingale.

the causes of the haste with which now in Russia are fundamental changes, it binds with a possible deterioration in the health of the President. “Perhaps in the near future he will not be able to appear in public” — suggests the Nightingale, although when you look at Putin and his hyperactivity such thoughts do not arise.

Changes in the Russian Constitution should reflect the new Russian idea, which embodies the current government headed by Putin and the current Russian leader spent a lot of effort. He even created a Commission that is finding a new sense of existence of the Russian state.

the Result, according to the scientists, have become the three pillars: nationalism, conservatism and divergence with the West. It should be fixed in the future Constitution — the direction in which Russia went under Vladimir Putin.

“He wants to go down in history alongside such kings and rulers, Alexander I, Alexander II and Stalin, who left after his death grew in size and more powerful Russia,” — writes in a commentary for “Figaro,” Renaud Girard.

According to the Nightingale, Russia is moving to the historic rematch. To revenge for the destruction of the USSR. It wants to revive. Though not in original form but they want to restore the kernel and, most importantly, encroach on Europe. Not in the United States. If they do not compete. But, says the Nightingale, they know that Europe is weak. This is his forecast for the foreign policy of Russia. Many European politicians, according to this expert, gets money from the Kremlin. And for this they are reluctant to cooperate.

One of the options, which, according to the historian, quite possibly, is the invasion of the Baltic States. It can occur after the pogroms instigated by the Russian-speaking population in the Baltic republics. “Then what should Russia do? She can’t leave his countrymen to their fate. She’s coming to help.”

But more easy prey, according to the Nightingale, for Russia are Belarus and Ukraine, which are not part of NATO. A huge army is on the Russian-Ukrainian border.

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