on September 19, appeared on Facebook a page called Íñigo Dare. Errejón had not yet announced its final decision on whether to stand for election to the 10-N. page was linked to a petition in Change.org that asked Errejón that articulate “the popular alternative to the right”. “We don’t feel represented with a left that is unable to govern and transform society, even when the people you are with her,” said the petition, which concluded with an explicit call to the leader of More Country: “For this reason, we ask you, Iñigo, you present to the upcoming elections. Spain needs an alternative to the immobility and failure.”

From Facebook admit that your system escaped the advertising clearly policy that made that page, and not added in your Library of Ads. This transparency tool that offers Facebook was key to discovering a network of fake websites in favor of the PP. If this page Errejón has escaped the detection of Facebook, various other also could have been wrung out. When Facebook detects a political advertisement that is not registered and with transparency information, what’s canceled, and what includes in your Library. If not detected, the message remains in the web until it consumes your budget. So it was with “Iñigo Dare”.

“is That of Dare who what put on, you? Dare to divide more the left, some day we will know who pays you”

questions of THE COUNTRY the network has been recognized that added to the publicity of this page to the library “soon”. The company takes advantage of this failure to encourage users to report ads that they believe that they should carry a notice of “paid for”.

The page Íñigo Dare has all the hallmarks of a fake: there is no author or community, ceased to be used just two days after its creation, only created 4 posts and the name and photo of the person who created the Change.org does not appear in any place.

More Country has confirmed to this newspaper that no one from his organization had seen before that page nor do they have anything to do with it. They also do not know who is Leonardo Nieto, the name of the person who signed the petition in Change.org on the 18th of September and have won just 107 supports out of the 200 requested. From Change.org they say that Leonardo Nieto has not made any other campaign.

This Tuesday, after questions from this newspaper, have tried to get in contact with Grandson without success: “Today, we have tried to contact the creator of the request through the email account associated to your username and the email system has returned an error message, so that we have proceeded to close, temporarily, request,” say from Change.org.

The page Íñigo Dare. only got four likes, but the post that was promoted had a notable activity: 784 interactions and 836 reviews. The comments are obviously of real people, who discussed with a fervor if Errejón must take the step. By the tone of the messages, it seems that the authors of the page selected as a hearing specifically to followers of We “is That of Dare who what put on, you? Dare to divide more the left, some day we will know who pays you,” says a comment, which received 151 positive feedback. “You’d better go directly to the PSOE,” says another. Or “Not with my signature. That is curre your party. I support PAUL’s CHURCHES, at the U. we CAN,” says yet another.

“it Is very worrying, because once again we find ourselves with a case of impersonation of our identity to try to demobilize the left”, they say from Country. “We do not know if this page also comes from the environment of the Popular Party, in any case, let’s hope they investigate and clarify this as the rest of the pages are false. We can not allow Spain to enter the techniques of Trump, Bolsonaro and Cambridge Analytica, which in this case may be called, Genoa Analytica”, added from the party of Errejón.

If those who have created this page aiming to create discontent and disillusionment, they got it. The innocence of the messages gives an idea of how easy it is to generate mixed feelings on Facebook. From Change.org also confirm that the list of signatories, according to their systems of analysis, it is completely normal. Normal users of the site, therefore, signed a petition, fake created by someone unknown.

One of the advantages of a network like Facebook is that it allows you to reach the potential audience for a request like this and in this case, in addition to, anonymously. It’s like putting up a poster in a closed room only for a group of chosen people and encourage them to express their opinion. The most receptive audience will see it and react, and the rest do not.

This page emerges a few days after a campaign in favour of the PP used the image of Iñigo Errejón to promote the abstention rate among voters of the left. If Facebook does not give more information, there is however no proof of the alleged relationship of this account with the network that operated in favour of the PP, beyond the obvious use of Errejón to divide the left. The emergence of a third party could increase the difficulty to achieve seats of the left, as happened on the right in the last election.


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