The Deutsche Bahn in long-distance transport another competitor: The company Rheinjet from Meerbusch, Germany, and will from 8. November on a train between Stuttgart, Munich and Frankfurt offer.

A train is to approach the three cities every two weeks on Fridays in succession, said Rheinjet managing Director, Martin Michael, the German press Agency. The company work with external operators. The times were registered and already approved. Since around a week, customers can book the trips. Depending on the demand, the offer will be extended in the future.

So that another provider is taking Flixtrain on the long-distance transport market that is dominated with a market share of around 99 per cent almost completely by the Deutsche Bahn. “We turn especially to commuters who work during the week in a city and on the weekend to go home to,” said Michael. Due to the different services, there is no direct competition with the railway, there it was. Offerings such as the Rheinjet fall under the so-called occasional services.

However, Michael criticized the harsh conditions in the distribution and sale of their own Tickets, because customers were looking for bookings in the long-distance transport in General, only at the track. The assignment of the lines success is also a subsidiary of the railway, and thus not neutral. Rheinjet mediated primarily private Charter flights.

The railway responded left to the new provider. “Competition stimulates business”, said a spokesperson on Saturday. “We, too, as the DB has made the competition better.” The accusation that the train path allocation is not neutral, dismissed the company, however, decided. “The train path allocation procedure is supervised by the competent Federal authority, the Federal network Agency, strict and follows clear, transparent rules,” said the spokeswoman.

The company said that the new roadmap for 2024, in the meantime, the kick of December of this year in force. A total of 72,000 new route were submitted for this, according to railway applications. At just under 5000 of them were applications in long-distance transport, of which around 400 of external railway undertakings are not received, belonging to the DB group. These were twice as many external applications as in the previous year, said the spokeswoman.

Nevertheless, Flixtrain – an offshoot of the long-distance bus company Flixmobility was – so far the only competitor in long-distance transport. Four of the Compounds the company currently offers several times a day. For comparison: The German railway had by the end of 2018 alone, 274 of the ICE trains in use. 148 million travelers in long-distance transport of the state group are in Flixtrain good to 750,000 in the first year of operation. The situation is likely to change with the entry of Rheinjet little.

While the Deutsche Bahn has in the long-distance transport is almost a monopoly, the competition in the Close and goods is significantly stronger. According to the latest data of the German monopoly Commission, the market share of the group was in transit in 2016, at around 67 per cent – measured by the kilometres travelled. The train, according to about half of the train path applications to regional services from external providers.

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