“an Apple A day keeps the doctor away”: the word could be an international study, something that is especially for smokers and drinkers. And especially when the fruit is enjoyed with a Cup of tea. Because both Apples and tea are rich in flavonoids. Their consumption contactors diseases before cancer and heart disease, write researchers in the journal “Nature Communications”.

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flavonoids are certain plant materials that fulfill different functions. Currently, more than 8000 Flavonoid Compounds are known. Some people determine the color of flowers, and serve to Attract pollinators. Others act as Fraßschutz from pests, and others as a UV-protection for the plants. But also for people flavonoids can have positive effects. As previous studies have indicated belong to the fact that the substances assist the body’s immune system and strength of the spirit, help with weight loss and against infections could be prevented.

A further note, a study of Australia’s Edith Cowan University and the University of Copenhagen delivers. The Team nutrition researcher Nicola Bondonno and the physician Frederik Dalgaard analyzed data from a Danish long-term study, which covered, among other things, the diets of more than 56,000 participants between 52 and 60 years over a period of 23 years. These data, the researchers compared the number of deaths within the group.

flavonoids – particularly at-risk groups benefit

The analysis revealed that those participants who were regular food with a high Flavonoid content to, died less disease, probably cancer or heart. Particularly pronounced these protective effects in those people, which would have as a smoker, or a drinker at an increased risk for such diseases.

For the first author Bondonno, this means that the consumption of appropriate foods, particularly in these high-risk groups. “However, the consumption of flavonoids not to counteract all of the increased mortality risks associated with Smoking and heavy alcohol consumption”, it is cited in a communication from the Edith Cowan University. “By far the Best thing for health is to stop Smoking and to reduce alcohol consumption.” Because the Modification of these habits in the case of many people, but should be increased Flavonoid consumption is stimulated.

had The lowest risk for cancer and heart disease in those participants who consumed about 500 milligrams of flavonoids a day. This could easily be due to the diet, reached, stresses Bondonno: “A Cup of tea, an Apple, an Orange, 100 grams of blueberries 100 grams of broccoli would be a wide range of Flavonoid Compounds and of these, a total of 500 milligrams.”

Five portions of fruit and vegetables of the day

as commented on the recommendations of the German nutrition society (DGE), Sabine Kulling from the Federal research Institute for nutrition and food (Max Rubner-Institut) in Karlsruhe, Germany: “The study confirms, by and Large, that a diet with five servings of vegetables and fruit a day, as recommended by the DGE for a long time, is good for your health. Smoking and Drinking damage caused can be mitigated somewhat by the fact.”

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On the question of the extent to which flavonoids protect the cause against cancer and cardiovascular disease, warns the expert, who was not involved in the study, to caution: “not to derive from the study.” A Problem with epidemiological studies is that they showed, although associations, but not causality: “flavonoids are rather as a Marker or indicator of an overall healthier diet – and life-view style. You may even make a small contribution to lower mortality risk, but you are definitely not alone responsible for it.”

This would also show the data in the study Are taken into account in the evaluation of red and processed meat, fish, fiber, saturated and unsaturated fatty acids, the protective effect of flavonoids is significantly lower.

limitations of the study

nevertheless praises Kulling the study: “diet is very complex, and many factors, the risk of disease affect. The more important such studies.” It points however to a limitation of the study: The participants were classified according to Flavonoid intake in groups of five. This recording was based on a single, albeit in-depth survey of the diet at the beginning of the study. This has not been reviewed in the following 23 years.

“the mean age of the subjects was 56 years, many of which are excreted in the investigation period, probably from the professional life,” explains Kulling. A new Chapter in our lives will lead, presumably, to changes in diet or in lifestyle.

Regardless of whether already been shown that flavonoids can make a contribution to the health by, for example, the bonding of blood platelets, inhibit, what is for heart disease is important, so Kulling.

stay Unclear what flavonoids do so healthy, stresses also the author of Bondonno. “Alcohol consumption and Smoking promote inflammation and injury of blood vessels, which can increase the risk for a number of diseases.” Other studies have shown that flavonoids, had an anti-inflammatory effect and a positive effect on blood vessels. “That could explain why they are associated with a lower risk for cardiac death and cancer.”

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