kidney failure, blindness, heart attack, stroke. The list of complications of Diabetes and could easily be extend. To 825 billion dollars to the world health organization estimates that the health costs incurred each year in connection with the disease. Therefore, researchers around the world for many years, feverishly on technologies to enable new approaches for therapies. A Team from the Institute of Molecular biotechnology of the Austrian Academy of Sciences (IMBA) in Vienna has succeeded, according to a recent report in the journal “Nature” now something groundbreaking.

Better treatments for cancer and Diabetes,

The scientists managed for the first Time, to develop human blood vessels from stem cells in the laboratory. Why is this important? Blood vessel diseases such as Diabetes can be examined from now on directly to human tissue, says the report of the scientists. How blood vessels change, and thus part of a serious consequence to cause disease, has been explored only in animals. The findings can, according to the experts, but it is not always transmitted to humans.

“With the development of this blood vessel Organoids, we have created an important model system for biomedical”, says Josef Penninger, the founding Director of the IMBA and last-author of the study. It is now possible to explore the causes of a broad spectrum of vascular diseases such as Diabetes and stroke to cancer in a more targeted way and to hopefully develop new treatments, so Penninger.

ground-breaking technology that save lives

can capillaries, the smallest and finest blood vessels in the body, have a diameter of a few micrometers. Your task in life is important. They supply each and every cell of the body with oxygen and nutrients. In the case of Diabetes, the membrane is expanded by the capillary tube of solid, what is the supply of oxygen in the tissues is limiting. In the laboratory, this process can now be “downstream”. A breakthrough technology that can facilitate many Diabetes patients, the life or even save.



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