The old lady is on the quay in the port of Marseille, 77 meters long, the belly red whitewashed. “New year’s eve will end the ‘Aquarius'”, says the owner, of the Bremen shipowners ‘ Christoph Hempel. For the first time in an Atlantic port and then to the high seas. He negotiated the new Charter, Offshore wind farms, fiber-optic cable-laying, as robust survey vessels are in demand. Because Italy has threatened the seizure, he pulls his ship out of the Mediterranean sea. “Because she is too much in disrepute, and the old lady.”


Christoph Hempel – his ship, he must deduct from the Mediterranean sea.

©Benjamin Béchet star

It’s Christmas time, a mild starry night. On the bridge of the trade ship’s captain, Klaus Vogel, the inventor of the lifeboat service “SOS Méditerranée”, a PhD historian sits. First, he sat down at the small farewell party with the Crew, the people of the “Doctors without borders”. From the chair of the helmsman, he is looking out over the sea. The ship’s diesel hums, a clear view.

tens of Thousands before the death of

saved What is happening out there now, in the Mediterranean sea, where you have saved within 34 months, 30,000 people from Drowning? Be able to get his people a new Chance, even though the EU policy sabotaged the private search and rescue?

“SOS Méditerranée” wants to continue to rescue shipwrecked refugees, in spite of all the difficulties. Please donate: IBAN DE20 2007 0000 0469 9500 00

BIC DEUTDEHH – keyword “distress”;

Without the Saviour is a deadly risk for the people in the rubber boot just got even bigger, taking place now, in the winter months, actually, a lot less boats in Libya. More than 2200 have drowned this year, and the Die will go in 2019 out there. “We need to get out again”, says Klaus Vogel. “We can’t just leave her drown.”

Initially, he was head of operations self-rescue. The death felt afraid of mothers, heard the cries of the children. Until he had to pull back, powerless, exhausted. Now SOS med wants to Charter a different ship than the “Aquarius”: great for year-round use, the best aft low Deck, so that the Survivors are easy to get on Board.

icon for Save and Die in the Mediterranean sea Fullscreen

Frédéric Pénard – the logistics company managed the operations of the “Aquarius”.

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The “Aquarius” was the largest humanitarian rescue ship in the Mediterranean sea. She was the first one with Survivors on Board, the new populist government in Rome blocked the ports. A rude taboo, which led last summer to a random walk through the Mediterranean sea. The Rescued were only able to after ten days in Spain country. Before you schrubbten the aft deck, voluntarily, as a thank you.

The ship was to Save the Symbol for the and Die in the Mediterranean sea, for the struggle of committed citizens in Europe against the rigid isolationist policy of the EU governments. It is responsible for ensuring that people who save people from elementary Need, criminalized as a tractor and the authorities are being harassed. It is the Ducking of governments and politicians in front of the right-wing populists and racists, who want to make their propaganda against migrants in the European elections next may for the Election issue.

anger and a desire for more Fullscreen

Tanguy can make Louppe – the sailor saw refugees drown.

©Benjamin Béchet star

The mood on Board in Marseilles, a mixture of frustration and anger and the will to Continue. Tanguy Louppe, a Breton sailor, the years, in the case of a rescue unit of the French army, and served, tells of the man next to the sinking boat that is no longer in her head. Wind 14 knots, one and a half Meter high waves. “20 people were in danger of drowning. A man is holding his nose and mouth barely above water. And he’s holding his wife. It is one Meter deep under him. She’s dead, he won’t let you go.”

Frédéric Penard’s operations chief in “SOS Méditerranée”. He managed to “Doctors of the world” in humanitarian disaster relief during the Tsunami in Asia, earthquakes in Haiti and Pakistan. “Rescue, this is a genuinely humanitarian action,” he says. “You save lives immediately. Where governments fail. Over Saving lives you can’t save the economy. He who saves others, saves the principles.”

at the end of the “Mare Nostrum” left a large gap Fullscreen

Sophie’s Beau – the Vice-President of “SOS Méditerranée” wants to find a new boat.

©Benjamin Béchet star

Sophie’s Beau, is Vice-President of “SOS Méditerranée” . They have built a movement, humanitarian professionals, together with professional sailors and physicians. Behind it, thousands of donors, especially in Germany and France. “When we started, and drove no rescue ship in the Mediterranean sea. Today, it is in principle again. We need to get back to the sea.”

“SOS Méditerranée” was created in 2015 after the Italian Navy had set the military mission “Mare Nostrum”. A gigantic humanitarian rescue operation, satellite reconnaissance, aircraft, frigates, coastal ships guard. Over 130,000 people moved within twelve months from the sea, and brought them to Europe. The did not want to pay Rome no longer alone. EU member States refused to help. A commercial freighter had to take over rescue operations, as they are obliged according to the law of the sea. Accidents have led to disaster with hundreds of dead. These messages of people in the death struggle before the coasts of Europe, Germany is also forced to Act. Throttled soldiers involved in the rescue, marine soldiers of the Bundeswehr in the order received. At the time, humanitarian organisations such as “SOS Méditerranée” on the “Aquarius” of the work.

Italy coordinated the search and rescue prior to Libya’s coast as before, very professional. Responsible for the search and rescue centre of the coastguard in Rome. The commander was grateful to know a ship like the “Aquarius” in the Mediterranean sea, which could accommodate 550 Survivors.

the New Minister of the insulted Savior as a taxi company

The station in Rome is the nerve center of the rescue machinery in the Mediterranean sea. The officers there work in front of a wall of monitors, the talk is only the bare minimum. 500 kilometers from the Libyan coast to Sicily, in the Mediterranean sea, thousands of ships are on the move every day, coast guard boats, Navy patrols, cargo ship, fishing trawler. The Position of a hose boat is Fleeing, it needs to Rome to decide who goes. The rescue ship is to be assigned to the use of a secure port to disembark the Survivors. To save people in Distress at sea, terms the officers of the “Guardia Costiera” always as the legal and traditional obligation.

That was, as Nicola Stalla attended the end of may 2018. The coast guard had, in the meantime, coordinated more than 200 of the operations of the “Aquarius”. Every few months, they discussed the use of tactics, and suggestions for improvement. Now it should start again. Stalla has studied nautical science and Navigation, was years on cargo ships as officer of the Deck, before he joined “SOS Méditerranée”.

The rescue crews knew, of course, that in Rome at that time, the newly elected government took. Strong man, the interior Minister, Matteo Salvini, head of the right-wing Lega Nord party. A Populist who denounced the auxiliary vessels in the Mediterranean sea as a “taxi company”. But he, too, was bound by international law and the law of the sea.

the rescue ship “Aquarius”: the operator wish to continue to the refugees in the Mediterranean sea

to absorb The international aid organisations “Doctors without borders” and “SOS Méditerraneé” want to save the rescue ship “Aquarius” more refugees from the Mediterranean sea. The authorities are signaling little willingness to support the organizations.

DPA, It was important to avoid panic,

put The “Aquarius” on 8. June in the port of Catania. To the Search – and-rescue zone in international waters off Libya’s coast, you can expect 20 hours. To bid on the way there, called Rom Stalla to an emergency at the oil field Farwah, to a rubber boat with 150 persons in distress at sea. The stakes acquisitions, other than an aircraft of the EU military mission “Sophia” two rubber boats sighted. 120 people, 70 nautical miles from Libya. Everyday life in the Mediterranean sea.

at 19.40, Stalla Radar and visual contact with: two white dinghies, a distance of four nautical miles. He let the fast boats of the “Easy 1” and “Easy 2” of water, coordinated by radio from the bridge of the mother ship. Hundreds of children, women, men in a 14-Meter inflatable boat, the rubber is thin as in the case of children’s toys, shelves made of plywood. At the initial point of contact was to avoid panic, the body language of the rescuers counted, the direct look in the eye. A half an hour, then the first women and children arrived on the Deck of the “Aquarius”.

Then it was dark. The situation escalated. The second migrants ‘ boat, hundreds of metres away from the first, and capsized. 50 people were in the water, all without life jackets, all the non-swimmers. Screams, radios plärrten, in the light of searchlights hands gripped hands. Two men were drowned. The rest they moved to the boats. Only far after midnight, the 229 Survivors were on the Deck. Black Africans, most from Sudan and South Sudan, a lot of Nigerians. Teams of “Doctors without borders” provided the emergencies, some burns from the Diesel-water mixture in the rubber boot.


90 people saved the Team from the “Aquarius” used at the beginning of 2018.

©Laurin Schmidt / Picture-Alliance / DPA The day, all of that changed

In the next few hours, three ships of the Italian coast brought watch cases, other 281 Survivors from other Distress. After that 119 migrants by an Italian freighter on the Deck. After nine hours of use, the “Aquarius shoved off” with 629 Rescued, in the direction of Sicily.

The Maritime rescue control centre in Rome offered two options as a “safe Harbor”, the “Aquarius” decided to Messina, journey time is approximately one day. But this time no confirmation came from Rome. Instead, hours later, an E-Mail to: claim to Malta, the Survivors. Malta refused. The next 48 hours remained of the “Aquarius” on Stand-by, 30 miles off Sicily’s coast. The Rescued were on the foredeck or below Deck. The Pregnant woman is a midwife of the “Doctors without frontiers took care of” .

that was the day all of that changed. Italy’s populist government was the radical change in the refugee policy. For the first time the country had a ship with rescued migrants. In the law of the sea stipulates that the shipwrecked are quick to bring in the next safe port. Paris Minister Salvini “cynicism accused”. Spain stated, the Recovered.

Valencia? The sound to negligent homicide

141 migrants on Board the rescue vessel “Aquarius” is allowed in Malta DPA

Spain, the sound of crazy for us,” says Nicola Stalla. Valencia was 1300 kilometres, four days. Severe weather forecast. A journey against the Westwind at four-Meter-high waves with people on the bow, that would be negligent homicide. The captain of the “Aquarius” refused. The coast guard in Rome had 523 migrants on Board two of their ships, 106 remained on the “Aquarius”. In convoy, they drove to Spain.

On the 17. June 2018, a delivery of the “Aquarius” in the port of Valencia. After the last Migrant of the Board was held shipowners ‘ Hempel on the bridge, a speech in front of the Crew. The “Aquarius” had proved to the world what rescue means in the Mediterranean sea. She was the only private rescue vessel fleet. In June 2018 drowned in the Mediterranean sea, 564 people. It was the deadliest month in four years.

Targeted Sabotage, the EU saw

In the following weeks, “SOS Méditerranée” deliberately sabotaged. 22 members of the extreme right-wing group “Génération Identitaire” raided the office of the Organisation in Marseille. Gibraltar withdrew the ship, the flag, a completely unusual process. In Sicily, associate justice authorities, the seizure of the ship, because, allegedly, on-Board waste were not properly disposed of. The “Aquarius” was disturbed by the new course of the Italian government coalition.

And the EU watched as Italy swapped out the coordination of search and rescue on the coast guard in Libya, you got a Search – and-rescue zone. On Libya, 90 percent of all Refugees who came via the Central Mediterranean route in the EU. But Libya’s coast guard station is not a coast, but a questionable, chaotic militia.

The consequences of experienced Maritime search and rescue in the case of the last journey of the “Aquarius” as a lifeboat. Sunday, 23. September, 1.18 PM: in Front of Zuwarah, a wood leaking boat with 50 people. The “Aquarius”, the patrol 30 miles to the South, gets the Information from the Libyan coast guard, but the humanitarian organization “Alarm Phone”. The sea rescue Headquarters in Tripoli, is in the middle of the night is not reachable. The “Aquarius” informed the control centre in Rome. There you are advised to contact the Libyan coast guard vessel “Al Khifa” and to ask for instructions. The next 50 minutes, “Al Khifa” mute.

refugees from Africa: “Over the sea only, which have absolutely nothing to lose” Fullscreen

Humu Mohamad, 23

want to”, I had already saved money, and was determined to Trip to Europe. Of the dangers, I knew that As a woman I can be raped. But here in Tamale, I had no hope. Aminu Munkaila has me convinced. His organization AFDOM funded a two year apprenticeship to a dressmaker and a sewing machine. Only with manual drive, but no matter. I work Outdoors, in the shade of a tree, since there is anyway no electricity. For a workshop the money, I’m still missing. But I have enough clientele.

©Roland Brockmann follows What is a threat

A abstruse race: The Libyans want to force people on the wooden boat back to her country. That’s the Deal with the EU, for that you get million. The private Maritime search and rescue to save the Refugees, and in Europe. In Libya, there is no “safe Harbor” for migrants, torture, rape, extortion everyday.

in order To 5.17 at the small migrants ‘ boat appears to be on the Radar of the “Aquarius”. In the next few minutes six Attempts, “Al-Khifa” on VHF radio channel 16 fail to reach even once. “Aquarius” sends his two go-fast boats to Migrantenkahn. 47 traumatized children, women, men, the use begins. Half an hour later, the Al Khifa reports “” on the radio. “Aquarius” is “to remove five miles” from the migrants ‘ boat, “we come now”. “Aquarius” answers, women, and children should immediately be evacuated. The people in the wooden boat would now the Libyan patrol, the threat of a mass panic. Women and children are hoisted onto the rescue boat, “Aquarius” is asking for permission to welcoming you on Board. Radio silence.

“Good Morning,” reports the Libyan patrol around 6.14 PM. What follows is a threat: “have you ever been in Tripoli Town? How about if you stay there for two weeks, with us?” Angry Libyans give up. “You have to respect instructions miss. You are trying to drag people to Europe. You are not welcome here.”

“Migration across the Mediterranean to stop the sea

” The refugees can only seven days later in Malta by the Board, after governments in five EU member States have pledged to recording. The journey of the “Aquarius” ends at the 4. October in the port of Marseille.

“We have seen that there is no way to stop the Migration across the Mediterranean sea,” says Nicola Stalla. “Not to rescue at sea by Navy or charities attracts the poor from Africa, it is the richness of Europe.” Further proof that migrants ‘ boat, which managed to at the end of November with 264 people on Board, all the way from the Libyan Misrata to Pozzallo on Sicily.

Not a single ship has on-the-go assistance. Most of the refugees came from Eritrea. You had to go days without food and water on the sea. On Board 40 women and 44 children, among them a 15-day-old girl. The majority was only allowed to go ashore, as the boat threatened to sink. According to the UNHCR, many of them came from a prison of traffickers in Libya.

“These boats can really sink every second,” says Nicola Stalla. “This would have happened two miles off the coast of Sicily, you would have been inundated with hundreds of corpses. I’m afraid, so a beacon will soon happen again.”

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