+++4. April: diarrhea bacteria in Iglo-parsley +++

Because of possible E-coli-bacteria-Iglo Germany is calling back one of his deep-frozen products. As the company announced on Wednesday, is “iglo parsley 40g” date of minimum durability 12.2019. Reason was, that in the investigation of a sample of VTEC bacteria (verotoxigenic E. coli) have been found. This could result in the case of raw consumption, fever and gastro-intestinal disorders. Not, the sales were affected by the discounters Lidl, Netto and Penny. Consumers who have purchased the product with the corresponding date of minimum durability, as well as the Code L8346BR005 already, will be asked to bring it in the appropriate supermarket. The market will refund the purchase price, the company said in a statement on its Website.

+++ 4. April: Lindt calls chocolate “milk Pretzel” + + +

The Swiss chocolate manufacturer, Lindt & Sprüngli does not ask consumers to consume a certain Batch of his chocolate bar “milk Pretzel” 100g. As the Swiss said, can not be excluded on the basis of a consumer reference and internal investigations that in a few panels of the Batch L2979) small plastic pieces of Packaging equipment. Therefore, the product had been taken already from the trade. Affected consumers are asked, the chocolate to the point of sale bring back. The purchase price will be refunded without the presentation of receipts.

+++ 3. April: Metal Parts! Aryzta calls back Edeka-bread +++

The company Aryzta Food Solutions has launched a pumpkin seed bread that is sold in the baking stations in Edeka markets – among other things in Bavaria, Saxony, Hesse and North Rhine-Westphalia. In a communication of the company with Germany based in Freiburg (Baden-Württemberg), it is said that one could not exclude that in individual loaves metal parts were. Been sold, the baked goods are, for example, in the Metropolitan areas of Munich, Ingolstadt and Regensburg, as well as in Chemnitz and Vlotho. Consumers who have purchased the bread, it will be returned without presentation of the receipt for your money.

+++ 2. April: Increased levels of Vitamin D in dog food – hazard +++

After the dog food manufacturer Hill’s Pet Nutrition has already had to call in the beginning of February, several batches of Product of the can of feed back, has expanded the recall now. The reason is a too high Vitamin D content in some articles, the company announced in a press release.

Vitamin D is an essential nutrient for dogs, but the inclusion of an increased amount could lead, depending on the duration of intake to health problems in the animals. “In dogs, symptoms such as vomiting, loss of appetite, increased thirst, more frequent urination, excessive Drooling, and weight loss can occur”, writes the manufacturer. In exceptional cases it could lead to life-threatening health problems, for example, a renal function disorder.

These products are affected by the recall:

Hill’s Prescription Diet Canine k/d 370g part number: 8010U; batch numbers: 092020T27, 092020T28 and 102020T26Hill’s Prescription Diet Canine i/d 360g; item number: 8408U; batch numbers: 102020T18 and 092020T27Hill’s Prescription Diet Canine r/d 350g; item number: 8014U; batch number: 092020T28Hill’s Science Plan Canine Mature Adult 7+ Active Longevity 370g part number: 8055U; batch number: 112020T25Hill’s Prescription Diet z/d Canine Ultra Allergen-Free 370g part number: 8018U; batch number: 102020T17Hill’s Prescription Diet w/d Canine 370g part number: 8017U; batch number: 102020T05Hill’s Science Plan Canine Adult with chicken 370g part number: 8037U; batch number: 102020T27Hill’s Science Plan Canine Mature Adult 7+ with chicken 370g part number: 8055U; batch number: 102020T14

“dog owners, whose dogs have consumed the products listed below and where the above-mentioned symptoms, should contact their veterinarian,” advises the company. In most cases, a full recovery was expected after the feed won’t be fed.

Unopened packs of the affected products can return customer return, the purchase price will be refunded. Already opened can of food should not be fed more and instead disposed of.

source: press release, Hill’s Pet Nutrition

+++ 2. April: hard plastic shards in Porridge products +++

The company schapfen mühle has launched several Porridge products, the nationwide are sold in various retail companies, as well as at Aldi Nord. Due to a technical defect in a production plant could not be ruled out that hard plastic shard found in individual packs, the Ulm-based company.

the following article:

spelt Porridge Cranberry coconut, 260 grams (minimum durability date 18.2.2020) Schapfen,Schapfen spelt Porridge Aronia, sour-cherry,260 g (shelf life: 6.3.2020), Schapfen spelt Porridge, Orange ginger, 260g (MHD: 17.2.2020 and 30.4.2020),Schapfen spelt Porridge nature, 260g (17.2.2020 and 30.4.2020),glacier crown of Porridge, varieties of Raspberry Pomegranate and Vanilla Honey (MHD: 13.12.2019)and glacier-crown of Porridge, oat meal, variety Classic, chocolate, Apple-cinnamon and wild berry (MHD: 15.01.2020).

customers can return the packs in the trade, the purchase price will be refunded.


recording of the recall dm-products

©dm +++ 29. March: mould risk in Baby food from dm +++

Because you have found in the course of self-checks that in each of the products increased Aflatoxin (Aflatoxin metabolic products that are formed by various mold fungi, are note. d. Red.) cannot be excluded, the drugstore chain “dm”a total of four article of his “baby love” series. Therefore, exposure to Aflatoxins can affect the long-term health. Specifically, the following products:

“baby love pomegranate Mango in the Apple, 190 g, after the 4 are affected. The month of” date of minimum durability (best before date) 15.10.2020 “baby love peach-passion fruit in Apple, 190 g, after the 4. Month” with the MHD 16.10.2020 “baby love strawberry & raspberry in Apple, 190 g, after the 4. Month” with the MHD16.10.2020 “baby love strawberry-banana in Apple, with cereals, 90 g, from 1 year (squeezing the bag)” with the MHD 16.10.2020 and 17.10.2020

customers are asked not to consume the products, and also in the already fractured state – in a dm-market return. The purchase price will be refunded.

source: the press portal


In the “Grana Padano” of San Fabio could be plastic parts or wood splinters . Penny Discounter returns to the hard cheese.

+++ 22. March: Penny warns of wooden splinters in hard cheese +++

The Discounter Penny returns to the nationwide sold hard cheese “San Fabio Grana Padano, grated, 150g”. Like Penny in Cologne, Germany announced that it is packaging with the date of minimum durability 17.06.2019. The EAN-number, loud 24218795. It was a preventative recall. Because it could not be excluded that in individual packs of foreign bodies such as small white plastic parts or wood splinters. Customers can enter the products in the market and get the purchase price refunded, without submission of receipts.

+++ 20. March: garden fresh salad is calling you-Snack +++

The garden fresh Young GmbH calls back a salad Snack from the assortment of Edeka and Marktkauf. According to a statement by the company cannot be excluded that on some packs of the “Edeka deli Caesar salad” (280g) an incorrect bottom label with the inscription “salad-vegetables mix with Radish seeds and herb Dressing”. In this case, the salad contained allergens such as skimmed milk, yoghurt, hard cheese, egg yolk, anchovy paste, milk, lysozyme (from Egg) and wheat flour are not declared on the ingredients. Affected product with the date of minimum durability 23.03.2019. Have been offered the potentially affected articles in the market of buying and Edeka in Baden-Württemberg, Rhineland-Palatinate, the Saarland, Hesse, Thuringia, Saxony as well as in Parts of Bavaria, North Rhine-Westphalia and lower Saxony. They were, as a precautionary measure withdrawn from the market. Garden-fresh indicates that the product is of fine quality and Non-Allergy sufferers is safe to eat.

+++ 18. March: Metal Parts! Aldi recalls several ice cream flavors +++

several varieties of Ice cream, food-discounters. As a manufacturer Froneri Ice Cream, Germany, announced on Friday, could be included in the affected varieties of metal parts. Aldi Süd and Aldi Nord have the products from the sale, Froneri.

It was Aldi Nord that has “Trader Joe’s Ice Cream American Style, 500 ml” in the varieties of Cookie Dough (codes A, 8284, A-8285), groove Loves Choco (A, 8283, A-8284), and Cookie Double Trouble (A 8281, A 8282, A 8283), as well as the 500-ml beaker of the “Supreme Rich & Creamy” of the variety of Macadamia Nut (A, 8278, A 8281). All of the products the date of minimum durability 30.4.2020.

Aldi Süd has called “Grandessa ice cream 500ml” of the variety, Cookie Dough, and all the encodings. Here, too, with minimum durability 30.4.2020. Customers can bring the products in the market and get the purchase price refunded.

+++ 14. March: Lidl recalls raw milk cheese of the brand, “Morbier” + + +

Due to a possible contamination with E. coli in the food Discounter Lidl recalls a raw milk cheese of the brand, “Morbier”. According to a message from the Thursday it comes to the product, “Morbier AOP made with raw milk, 250g”, if it bears the date of minimum durability 17.03.2019, the lot number 042, and the identification mark FR 25-155-001 CE of the French manufacturer SA Perrin Vermot. It was sold with the exception of Bremen, Hamburg, Saarland and Schleswig-Holstein in all of the länder. In a study called E. coli had been demonstrated in bacteria, which may in part lead to severe diarrhea. Who bought the cheese should not eat it under any circumstances, but in the case of Lidl return, – stated in the message of the discounter.

+++ 12. March: Ikea warns of consumption of foam pastry “Sötsak Skumtopp” +++

The Swedish furniture giant Ikea warns against the consumption of a foam-pastry and calls this as a precaution. It is the candy with the name “Sötsak Skumtopp” and pre-packaged goods with the date of minimum durability 12.3. to 18.04.2019. In a company message, it means that the product contains whey powder, and thus represented a potential health risk for customers who are allergic to milk or milk constituents, or to have intolerance. Whey powder will not be mentioned in the ingredients list, milk. People are not against milk or milk components with allergies can eat the product safely. Allergy sufferers should bring the foam with pastries but to the nearest Ikea furniture store. There will also be refunded without proof of purchase, the full price back, the company said.

+++ 8. March: blood pressure-lowering drug recalled due to contamination +++

Because of the contamination with materials that can be according to the German Federal Institute for drugs and medical devices (BfArM) are carcinogenic, and causes the Heumann Pharma GmbH & co. Generica KG, again the blood pressure-lowering drug. On its website, the manufacturer announced that it had been informed that in several batches of the active substance Losartan, an increased value of the impurity N-Nitroso-N-methyl-4-amino-butyric acid (NMBA) was established. “In addition, a simultaneous contamination of N has been found in some batches-nitroso diethyl amine (NDEA) and NMBA,” explained the company.

These batches are affected, and should be pre-emptively taken off the market:

Losartan comp. Heumann 100 mg/12.5 mg film-coated Tablets, 28, 56 and 98 film-coated Tablets, all of the batch of losartan comp. Heumann 100 mg/25 mg film-coated Tablets, 28, 56 and 98 film-coated Tablets, batches all beginning with the letter “B” and “C”

in Addition, the company warns the recall customers affected by to the fact that each product sell the product without consultation with the doctor, “because of the health risk of Withdrawal is several times higher than the potential risk due to contamination”. An acute patient risk, the manufacturer.

sources: recall-note the manufacturer and the Federal Institute for drugs and medical products. < / p> Fullscreen

A callback by Bergamont affected bike

©Screenshot/www.bergamont.com +++ 4. March: frame breaking possible – Bergamont calls back two models +++

Because it can occur due to mistakes in project design to a frame break, the German manufacturer Bergamont different Farradmodelle from the years 2010 and 2011. Specifically, bicycles are the number of “aluminum mono-Lite” and “Belami are affected accordingly”.

customers who have a by the recall affected wheel, should not use and immediately contact an authorized service dealer (here an Overview). Accordingly, the customer should receive “a free gleichwertuiges exchange Bicycle”, – stated in a press release from the Company. These models are being recalled:

Alu mono Lite N-7 26″ shiny white-dark silver 2010Alu mono-Lite N-7 28″ shiny white-dark silver 2010Alu Monolite N-8 Suspension, 28″ matt black 2010Alu mono-Lite N-8 Suspension 28″ shiny white 2010Alu mono-Lite N-8 Rigid 28″ matte black 2010Alu mono-Lite N-8 Rigid 28″ shiny white 2010Belami Lite N7 26″ matte black 2011Belami Lite N7 26″ shiny brown-cream white 2011Belami Lite N7 28″ matte black 2011Belami Lite N7 28″ shiny brown-cream white 2011Belami Lite N8 Suspension 26″ matte black 2011Belami Lite N8 Suspension 26″ shiny white 2011Belami Lite N8 Suspension 28″ matt black 2011Belami Lite N8 Suspension 28″ shiny white 2011Belami Lite N8 Rigid 28″ matte black 2011Belami Lite N8 Rigid 28″ shiny grey-red 2011

source: Bergamont


Dese poultry Bolognese calls Dennree currently back

©Dennree +++ 1. March: Dennree back to back calls avian-Bolognese +++

Dennree calls as a precautionary measure, poultry Bolognese in the 350-gram jar. Are affected glasses with the date of minimum durability 1.11.2020. Was sold the goods in the case of Denn’s organic market and other natural food and health food stores. There you can also be given without presentation of the receipts. The purchase price will be refunded to the customer.

“reason for the recall is a possible, not sufficient heating in the production of a part of the glasses,” reads a notice from the manufacturer. This could lead to an undesirable growth of micro-organisms, which due to an Overpressure in the glass is noticeable. When you Open the glass, the Gas escapes with an audible click.

+++ 27. February: Hema-wood-Iron calls back coaster set +++

the game manufacturer Hema were calling back as a precaution, be wood-Iron coaster set with the item number 15.12.2235. As the company announced, could be the red, the top of the roof of the Church tower for small children dangerous. In children under three years, choking imminent danger. Customers are therefore asked urgently, it is out of the reach of small children store. The Set could also be used without the receipt or original packaging in a branch or by Post is returned to Hema in a message. For more information on the Hema-customer service can be contacted at 0180-243-62-33.

+++ 26. February: Apple stems in cereals, Rossmann recalls children’s food +++

a Few days after the recall of corn waffles Rossmann has launched once again a recall of food. This Time it comes to Baby and children’s food. As the company in a press release, it is not possible to exclude the products of Baby cereal, and children’s fruit muesli baby dream “that club included stems tents, packs, parts of the Apple”. Are affected, therefore, the packages with the date of minimum durability 18.12.2019 (Baby cereal) and 19.12.2019 (children-fruit muesli), which is stamped on the bottom of the packaging. The drugstore chain asks its customers, the affected packages in a point of sale return. The purchase price will be refunded upon return.

+++ 26. February: Aldi must Rotwurst-callback extend found +++

The recall of a ham black pudding at Aldi Süd and Aldi Nord is more serious than thought: the product of the company Wiltmann were “pathogenic bacteria (Listeria monocytogenes),” as Wiltmann, on 15. February, announced on his Homepage. Be affected now, however, all of the minimum shelf-life data, not just the 08.03.2019, as previously stated.

The goods were now available from all Aldi-South and three Aldi North regions withdrawn.

+++ 22. February: Rossmann calls back corn waffles +++

The drugstore chain Rossmann calls back corn waffles, because it may have metal fragments. Specifically, it’s salted wafers of the brand, enjoyment Plus and corn waffles with sea salt, the brand Enerbio. The company announced in the lower Saxony, Burgwedel, near Hannover on Friday. Thus you have found in own-checks in isolated packs of metal shards. In the case of the waffles of enjoyment Plus packs with the minimum shelf-life 1 could. October 22. November will be affected. The Enerbio products, the packs with the minimum shelf-29. October and 7. December will be returned in a Rossmann store. The purchase price will be refunded to the customer.

+++ 21. February: Alnatura children recalls-cereals and muesli biscuits +++

The Darmstadt-based organic supermarket chain Alnatura has called me back on Wednesday evening as a precautionary measure, two products, in which according to the company, parts of Apple stems. Affected the Alnatura children-Bircher muesli with the minimum shelf-life data, 11.10.2019 and 2.11.2019, as well as the Alnatura muesli biscuits for children from the age of 15. The month of the date of minimum durability 4.09.2019, said a company spokeswoman. The goods had been taken out of the trade, it said.

if you have a pack with one of the above-mentioned minimum durability data to your home, could bring this back and a replacement obtained. Other cereals, or biscuits, or products with a minimum durability date is not affected by the recall.

sources: Rossmann, Rewe, Bayer, Aldi Nord, Ikea, Netto, Aldi South,


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