In the case of superlatives, it is now almost normal, that China is called. In the Ranking of the biggest factories in the middle Kingdom, with mixed, but only on the edge, most of the plant site in the XXXL Format are located in the United States. But at the top of the podium in the Volkswagen factory in Wolfsburg, Germany. In 1938, the whole city is built around the work, to 1945, Wolfsburg was called the “city of the KdF-car”.

The used machinery marketplace has created a Ranking of the 10 largest factories. Some factories are plants, clean production, and others are simultaneously working and living facility for up to 500,000 employees. Hyundai has transformed his plant with a myriad of trees in a forest.

most of The factories in the Ranking come from the car industry – one of the large-scale facilities is part of a Start-Up company from the car industry, one of the few who have heard. The company Tesla, and their flamboyant boss to build the largest factory in the world, but she is not yet ready and therefore not in the Ranking represented.


Especially a lot of technology-Glamour spread of the plants from the sectors of aviation and space. Amazingly, it managed not a pure defence companies in the Top 10. And it is also not a plant from the rubble of the Soviet Union. Also, the world’s largest tank factory Uralvagonzavod didn’t make it. Other industrial facilities such as mines, opencast mines, or shipyards that also need a lot of space, have not been taken into account.

is Always greater works are already in the Trend. “The factory 4.0 must be able to respond flexibly to current customer requirements,” says Thorsten Muschler of “For this, we need smaller, more responsive production facilities, organized in a decentralized manner and in the best case, are directly localized at the point of delivery.”



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