Died European champion in Greco-Roman wrestling Boris Ambartsumov

Photo: TASS/Igor Utkin

Died European champion, four-time champion of Russia in Greco-Roman wrestling Boris Ambartsumov. He was 45 years old. This is stated on the website of the Federation of wrestling of Russia (FSBR).

“January 31, on 46-m to year of life died, the master of sports of the international class on Greco-Roman wrestling European champion-98, world Cup winner 1997, Boris Ambartsumov,” – said in the message.

Federation of wrestling brings condolences to the family and friends of Boris Ambartsumov. The cause of death and date of burial is not disclosed.

the Former head coach of Russian national team on wrestling Mikhail Mamiashvili responded to the death of Boris Ambartsumov. He said that the younger brother of athlete Kamo had told him that the wrestler a few days ago spent training. Of your condition the athlete did not complain, although the cough was bothering him.

“I Felt fine, a little podtashnivalo. But it was too launched pneumonia,” – said Mamiashvili.

the Honored trainer of the USSR considers Ambartsumova death is a great loss to the sports world, RT reports.

“Thanks to that guys like Murat Kardanov, the current head coach of the national team Gogi koguashvili, Ambartsumov, we then (in difficult years for the Russian national team. – Approx. ed.) not only survived, but retained all the winning traditions established by the great generations of fighters in the Soviet times”, — said the expert.

He added that Ambartsumov joined the team is still young and for a short period of time was able to achieve a lot. So, he has won the world Cup, in 1988, he became the champion of Europe. After a career athlete worked as a trainer in Moscow.