Lidl recalls the wooden grabbing toy with blue wheels. In the case of the product of the brand “Playtive junior” could, under certain circumstances, rivets, solve

©lidl.de +++ 24. May: Lidl recalls wooden rattle of the “Playtive junior”

the Discounter Lidl recalls a toy for small children in its branches. As the company explained, is a so-called wood rattle brand “Playtive junior” with IAN 304083 and the model number HG04414 in the Version of 11/2018. Therefore, could loosen under unfavorable circumstances, the rivets on the wheels. The drop single parts, in particular for babies and small children dangerous. One could not exclude a risk of injury. Lidl asks that parents check for existing teething toys on their completeness and to remove, if necessary, out of the reach of small children. In addition, the affected article should not be used.

source: product warning.eu

+++ 9. May: health-endangering plasticizers in doll “Beauty” found

The European rapid alert system RAPEX informed of the prohibited plasticizers in the plastic-doll “Beauty”. A plasticizer can cause the message according to infertility, liver damage, or behavior disorders.

source: product warning.eu

+++ 6. May: net smoked loin of shield calls Auer meat – and sausage goods GmbH +++

The company SFW shield Auer meat and sausage products GmbH calling back their smoked sirloin (approx. 150g). Back is affected, the item with the expiration date 09.05.2019 and with the batch number, 191601. The product was offered at Netto Marken-Discount in Parts of Saxony and Brandenburg. “It cannot be ruled out that Salmonella in individual packages (…) can be located,” – said in a statement. A consumption could lead to adverse health effects. The product has now been withdrawn from sale. According to the report, customers who have purchased the corresponding product may give this for a refund of the purchase price, even without presentation of the receipts in your shopping sites.

source: product warning.eu

+++ 2. May: French company “Fromagerie Alpine” recalls soft cheese +++

The French company “Fromagerie Alpine” is calling back two different soft cheese varieties. According to the consumer information of the suspected contamination with E. coli bacteria. Called back the following products:

Name: Saint Marcellin and Saint are FélicienHandelsmarken: Xavier David, Tradition du Bon Fromage, Alpine batches: L032 until L116Mindesthaltbarkeitsdatum: from 08.03.19 until sold 31.05.19 identification mark: FR 26.281.001 CE

According to the Federal office for food safety of cheese in the state of Baden-württemberg, Bavaria, Berlin, Hamburg, Hesse, lower Saxony, North Rhine-Westphalia and Saxony. The cheese should not be consumed, but in the shop be returned. A disease is manifested by gastrointestinal disorders.

source: Lebensmittelwarnung.de

+++ 30. April: Ikea changing table recalls due to risk of falling +++

The furniture group Ikea is calling back to his changing table “Sundvik”. There are three incidents had been reported, in which the fold out part of the changing table have been solved, and children were fallen from the table, the company said on Tuesday in Hofheim-Wallau. In all three incidents, the necessary security had not been used fittings according to the instructions. “Ikea is convinced that the product is safe in use, if it is used according to the instructions”, – stated in the message. The action is purely a precautionary measure.

clients should urgently secure the fold-out part of the winding table with the enclosed safety fittings. The fittings should not be searchable, give it to them for free at Ikea. A till receipt is not required. It is also possible to return the product and get the money for the purchase back, said a spokeswoman. The price for the changing table according to Ikea at 159 Euro.

source: Ikea

+++ 29. April: Apple is calling the network plug on back

Apple network connector calls back with three pins. This network connector is intended primarily for use in the United Kingdom, in Singapore and I in Hong Kong. Occasionally, it may happen that the pins abort, and the danger of electric shock if the exposed material parts. The network plug has been delivered between 2003 and 2010, together with Mac products. Affected customers can get the connector for free with a new exchange.

+++ 24. April: net Take-away “calls”Sandwich back to a Sandwich from the assortment of the discounter returns to “net”. May had been noted on the articles of the brand “Take-away, ham & Gouda (185 g)” a false date of minimum durability. Instead of 24.04.2019 the pre-packaged loaves of bread have been awarded with the 25.05.2019. The specific properties could be guaranteed of corporate communication, but only up to the 24.04.2019. The product concerned had already been off the shelves. Customers who bought the Sandwich with the appropriate imprint, get back if you return in-store without a receipt of the purchase price.

+++ 23. April: Listeria in cold cuts from Aldi +++

The “Gmyrek meat and sausages GmbH” calls back the variety of gold crown “farmer’s feast” your article “Breakfast of meat-sliced meats, 125 g”. How Aldi Nord announced on his Website that have been demonstrated by the supplier within the framework of a self-control in a sample of Listeria. Affected are the article with the date of minimum durability 28.04.2019. Listerine bacteria that can cause flu-like symptoms with fever and diarrhea. In particular, Pregnant women, small children and people with weak immune system could become ill after eating for example, “list of rose”. The product concerned was Herten, therefore, exclusively in the companies (NRW) and Salzgitter (lower Saxony) traded. Aldi asks for it, the item is a store return. The purchase price will be refunded.

source: Aldi Nord

+++ 21. April: Globus Baumarkt and Hela Profi-Zentrum, call Enik E-Bike model, the “Easy” return centre will inform you about the recall of E-Bikes of the brand Enik Bikes. The company announced that the model “Easy” the danger of a collapse of the steeringhe-stem. In the event of failure of the component (for example, due to a fracture) can cause instant loss of control of the Bicycle which can result in accidents and injuries. Affected all models of the series “Enik-Easy” (version low entry in the colors black and white), up to 2. February 2019 delivered and up to 4. February purchased. The company offers a free Inspection and replacement of the Handlebar stem.

source: Globus Baumarkt

+++ 17. April: purchase country starts recall of lamb fillets

for reasons of preventive consumer protection, to purchase the land calls back to a specific Batch of frozen lamb fillets. As the Discounter announced, had been found at a routine control of Salmonella. According to the country of purchase is the following product: Exquisite lamb fillets ready to cook, pre-portioned, frozen, 400 grams, EAN 4337185430084 the date of minimum durability 9. April 2024, and the batch number L 1841301 B22. Supplier based in Hamburg, steak Meister GmbH is. We have taken note of the goods concerned to be preventive from the sale, it says. The consumer can give back the product against refund of the purchase price. A receipt need not be submitted. Salmonella poisoning can lead to diarrhea and vomiting.


the inclusion of a package of the recall-affected lamb fillets


source: press release of the country of purchase

+++ 15. April: suspected Listeria in nine soft cheese varieties +++

Due to a possible health risk to consumers have warned safety authorities in front of several soft cheeses of the French manufacturer Société kind in North de la Brie. There is a suspicion of Listeria (Listeria monocytogenes), there is the Federal office for consumer protection and food safety on its Portal lebensmittelwarnung.de informed on Friday. The warning was for the States of Baden-Württemberg, Bavaria, Berlin, Bremen, Hamburg, Hesse, North Rhine-Westphalia, Rhineland-Palatinate, Saxony, Saxony-Anhalt, Schleswig-Holstein issued.

the nine species (here a list) are Affected accordingly. On Thursday, a single cheese from the manufacturer had been called back. Infections with the pathogen Listeria monocytogenes can trigger according to the communication, fever, and diarrhea. The symptoms, therefore, usually within 14 days. Who had one of the cheese eaten and the symptoms show, should urgently go to the doctor’s name. Especially Pregnant women, the elderly, and people with a weakened immune system may develop more severe disease courses.


Fisher-Price reported back pulls the Baby cradle “Rock’n Play Sleepers” in Germany, according to the U.S. media, several cases of death.

©CPSC +++ 15. April: Baby cradle by Fisher-Price called back +++

Germany is the recall of the Baby-weigh-the-American toy manufacturer Fisher-Price affected. A spokeswoman for the company Mattel in Frankfurt, said to the Fisher-Price heard. How many cradles have been sold in Germany, is currently being tested. The reason for the recall, reports of deaths, in which infants were turned over in the cradle, and were choked (see message of 6. April). Are affected, around 4.7 million copies of “Rock ‘n Play Sleepers”. It is a fabric covered shell in bright colors on a rod, and with a swing function.

+++ 12. April: a warning against sexual enhancer “battering RAM”

in Front of the power means “battering RAM” is urgently warned. The ingestion of the product could lead to considerable health problems, told the government Presidium of Tübingen, Germany. In the worst case, a fatal effect would be possible. The as of course, it is claimed food Supplement contains, contrary to the information the active ingredient “Sildenafil” – in increased dosage.

“Sildenafil” is used according to the figures, in the case of erectile dysfunction. Men are allowed to take it only after doctor’s prescription. Who have the potency to home, should it to dispose of with the household waste.


The affected Salami can be returned to normal without receipt

©press release H. Bille GmbH & co. KG +++ 11. April: Norma recalls Salami because of Salmonella risk +++

The meat producers Bille a salami has recalled the product because of a suspicion of Salmonella. Be affected in the chain of Norma offered product is “Good Bartenhof triangular Salami la”, 150 gram, with the date of minimum durability 14. and 21. May 2019, and the batch number L1319080.

“In the framework of an official investigation, it was proven to be pathogens of the genus Salmonella,” said the manufacturer from Eastern Westphalia, Steinhagen on Wednesday in a press release. The product was as a precautionary measure, been completely withdrawn from sale. Those who have purchased the product and could give it back. The live dealer Norma reported that the product could be achieved without a receipt be returned.

+++ 8. April: Aldi calls chicken cutlets back to calling back the variety “chicken Schnitzel” of the article “Schnitzel specialities, 300g” the date of minimum durability 21.04.2019. How Aldi Nord said, could not be excluded according to the supplier, in individual packs of shards of glass are included. For this reason, the product should not be consumed as a precautionary measure. The product concerned was, therefore, only in the societies of Bargteheide, dates, Greven, Greiz, Hesel, Horst, Barleben/meitzendorf, in the middle of the forest, Hann.Lead, Rinteln, Schwelm, Nohra/Weimar, Weyhe and Wilsdruff traded. Anyone who has purchased the product with the above-mentioned date of minimum durability, it can bring in the appropriate branch and will have refunded the purchase price.

+++ 6. April: a warning against baby cradle Fisher-Price +++

The US consumer protection authority to the CPSC warns, together with the manufacturer Fisher-Price in front of the wrong use of a baby in the US company cradle. Since 2015, a total of ten cases were known in which babies had died after they had himself filmed in the Cup, it said in a authorities message from Friday.

It is the birthplace of “Rock’n ‘ Play”, a fabric-covered shell on a pushrod with a rocking function. In all death cases, the babies had been older than three months old and not with the existing wearing seat belts. “Death cases are more,” wrote the CPSC. Therefore, the authority, and Fisher-Price consumer is no longer called on to use the cradle when the Baby is older than three months, or already self-rotate.

Both parties have appealed to consumers, in addition to that, Baby sleeps with in additionen Blankets, pillows or stuffed animals to equip. Baby suffocation risk, when you turn your face in the substances inside it, from this Position of self-release. The “Rock n Play”cradle via various suppliers from the US, importing them to Germany. Similar models are also used in Germany.

+++ 5. April: Zott cream calls back yogurt +++

The dairy Zott calls back a part of batch of your favorite cream yogurt. As the company announced that it was yoghurt in the varieties strawberry, peach-passion fruit, Amarena cherry, and raspberry – each in 150-gram cups, and with a date of minimum durability 28.04.2019. In the case of some batches of the suspicion that non-marked entries of hazelnut, pistachio, almond, Egg, wheat gluten through the pre-production, reached in the yogurt was therefore. This represents a health risk for consumers who are allergic to those nuts, Egg or wheat gluten or an intolerance to suffer. Were affected, as Zott only the retailers Lidl and net products sold with the following letter encodings:

KQJ – KQT – KRG – KRR – KSE – KQK – he’s – KRH – KRS – KSF





Allergy sufferers who have purchased the potentially affected products, Zott, in the respective branch return. There, the purchase price will be refunded without the presentation of receipts.

+++4. April: diarrhea bacteria in Iglo-parsley +++

Because of possible E-coli-bacteria-Iglo Germany is calling back one of his deep-frozen products. As the company announced on Wednesday, is “iglo parsley 40g” date of minimum durability 12.2019. Reason was, that in the investigation of a sample of VTEC bacteria (verotoxigenic E. coli) have been found. This could result in the case of raw consumption, fever gastrointestinal disorders are liable. Not, the sales were affected by the discounters Lidl, Netto and Penny set. Consumers who have purchased the product with the corresponding date of minimum durability, as well as the Code L8346BR005 already, will be asked to bring it in the appropriate supermarket. The market will refund the purchase price, the company said in a statement on its Website.

+++ 4. April: Lindt calls chocolate “milk Pretzel” + + +

The Swiss chocolate manufacturer, Lindt & Sprüngli does not ask consumers to consume a certain Batch of his chocolate bar “milk Pretzel” 100g. As the Swiss said, can not be excluded on the basis of a consumer reference and internal investigations that in a few panels of the Batch L2979) small plastic pieces of Packaging equipment. Therefore, the product had been taken already from the trade. Affected consumers are asked, the chocolate to the point of sale bring back. The purchase price will be refunded without submitting the receipts back.

+++ 3. April: Metal Parts! Aryzta calls back Edeka-bread +++

The company Aryzta Food Solutions has launched a pumpkin seed bread that is sold in the baking stations in Edeka markets – among other things in Bavaria, Saxony, Hesse and North Rhine-Westphalia. In a communication of the company with Germany based in Freiburg (Baden-Württemberg), it is said that one could not exclude that in individual loaves metal parts were. Been sold, the baked goods are, for example, in the Metropolitan areas of Munich, Ingolstadt and Regensburg, as well as in Chemnitz and Vlotho. Consumers who have purchased the bread, it will be returned without presentation of the receipt for your money.

+++ 2. April: Increased levels of Vitamin D in dog food – hazard +++

After the dog food manufacturer Hill’s Pet Nutrition has already had to call in the beginning of February, several batches of Product of the can of feed back, has expanded the recall now. The reason is a too high Vitamin D content in some articles, the company announced in a press release.

Vitamin D is an essential nutrient for dogs, but the inclusion of an increased amount could lead, depending on the duration of intake to health problems in the animals. “In dogs, symptoms such as vomiting, loss of appetite, increased thirst, more frequent urination, excessive Drooling, and weight loss can occur”, writes the manufacturer. In exceptional cases it could lead to life-threatening health problems, for example, a renal function disorder.

These products are affected by the recall:

Hill’s Prescription Diet Canine k/d 370g part number: 8010U; batch numbers: 092020T27, 092020T28 and 102020T26Hill’s Prescription Diet Canine i/d 360g; item number: 8408U; batch numbers: 102020T18 and 092020T27Hill’s Prescription Diet Canine r/d 350g; item number: 8014U; batch number: 092020T28Hill’s Science Plan Canine Mature Adult 7+ Active Longevity 370g part number: 8055U; batch number: 112020T25Hill’s Prescription Diet z/d Canine Ultra Allergen-Free 370g part number: 8018U; batch number: 102020T17Hill’s Prescription Diet w/d Canine 370g part number: 8017U; batch number: 102020T05Hill’s Science Plan Canine Adult with chicken 370g part number: 8037U; batch number: 102020T27Hill’s Science Plan Canine Mature Adult 7+ with chicken 370g part number: 8055U; batch number: 102020T14

“dog owners, whose dogs have consumed the products listed below and where the above-mentioned symptoms should contact their veterinarian,” advises the company. In most cases, a full recovery was expected after the feed won’t be fed, it means more.

Unopened packs of the affected products can return customer return, the purchase price will be refunded. Already opened can of food should not be fed more and instead disposed of.

source: press release, Hill’s Pet Nutrition

+++ 2. April: hard plastic shards in Porridge products +++

The company schapfen mühle has launched several Porridge products, the nationwide are sold in various retail companies, as well as at Aldi Nord. Due to a technical defect in a production plant could not be ruled out that hard plastic shard found in individual packages, said the Ulm-based company.

the following article:

spelt Porridge Cranberry coconut, 260 grams (minimum durability date 18.2.2020) Schapfen,Schapfen spelt Porridge Aronia, sour-cherry, 260 g (shelf life: 6.3.2020) were Affected,Schapfen spelt Porridge, Orange ginger, 260g (MHD: 17.2.2020 and 30.4.2020),Schapfen spelt Porridge nature, 260g (17.2.2020 and 30.4.2020),glacier crown of Porridge, varieties of Raspberry Pomegranate and Vanilla Honey (MHD: 13.12.2019)and glacier-crown of Porridge, oat meal, variety Classic, chocolate, Apple-cinnamon and wild berry (MHD: 15.01.2020).

customers can return the packs in the trade, the purchase price will be refunded.


recording of the recall dm-products

©dm +++ 29. March: mould risk in Baby food from dm +++

Because you have found in the course of self-checks that in each of the products increased Aflatoxin values (Aflatoxin metabolic products that are formed by various mold fungi, are note. d. Red.) cannot be excluded, the drugstore chain “dm”a total of four article of his “baby love” series. Therefore, exposure to Aflatoxins can affect the long-term health, it says. Specifically, the following products:

“baby love pomegranate Mango in the Apple, 190 g, after the 4 are affected. The month of” date of minimum durability (best before date) 15.10.2020 “baby love peach-passion fruit in Apple, 190 g, after the 4. Month” with the MHD 16.10.2020 “baby love strawberry & raspberry in Apple, 190 g, after the 4. Month” with the MHD16.10.2020 “baby love strawberry-banana in Apple, with cereals, 90 g, from 1 year (squeezing the bag)” with the MHD 16.10.2020 and 17.10.2020

customers are asked not to consume the products, and also in the already fractured state – in a dm-market return. The purchase price will be refunded, so they say.

source: the press portal


In the “Grana Padano” of San Fabio could be plastic parts or wood splinters. Penny Discounter returns to the hard cheese that’s why.

+++ 22. March: Penny warns of wooden splinters in hard cheese +++

The Discounter Penny returns to the nationwide sold hard cheese “San Fabio Grana Padano, grated, 150g”. Like Penny in Cologne, Germany announced that it is packaging with the date of minimum durability 17.06.2019. The EAN-number, loud 24218795. It was a preventative recall. Because it could not be excluded that in individual packs of foreign bodies such as small white plastic parts or wood splinters can be located. Customers can enter the products in the market and get the purchase price refunded, without submission of receipts.

+++ 20. March: garden fresh salad is calling you-Snack +++

The garden fresh Young GmbH calls back a salad Snack from the assortment of Edeka and Marktkauf. According to a statement by the company cannot be excluded that on some packs of the “Edeka deli Caesar salad” (280g) an incorrect bottom label with the inscription “salad-vegetables mix with Radish seeds and herb Dressing” is. In this case, the salad contained allergens such as skimmed milk, yoghurt, hard cheese, egg yolk, anchovy paste, milk, lysozyme (from Egg) and wheat flour are not declared on the ingredients. Affected product with the date of minimum durability 23.03.2019. Have been offered the potentially affected articles in the market of buying and Edeka in Baden-Württemberg, Rhineland-Palatinate, the Saarland, Hesse, Thuringia, Saxony as well as in Parts of Bavaria, North Rhine-Westphalia and lower Saxony. They were, as a precautionary measure withdrawn from the market. Garden-fresh indicates that the product is of fine quality and Non-Allergy sufferers is safe to eat.

+++ 18. March: Metal Parts! Aldi recalls several ice cream flavors +++

several varieties of Ice cream food must call the discounters back. As a manufacturer Froneri Ice Cream, Germany, announced on Friday, could be included in the affected varieties of metal parts. Aldi Süd and Aldi Nord have the products from the sale, so Froneri more.

It was Aldi Nord that has “Trader Joe’s Ice Cream American Style, 500 ml” in the varieties of Cookie Dough (codes A, 8284, A-8285), groove Loves Choco (A, 8283, A-8284), and Cookie Double Trouble (A 8281, A 8282, A 8283), as well as the 500-ml beaker of the “Supreme Rich & Creamy” of the variety of Macadamia Nut (A, 8278, A 8281). All of the products the date of minimum durability 30.4.2020 have.

Aldi Süd has called “Grandessa ice cream 500ml” of the variety, Cookie Dough, and all encodings – back. Here, too, with minimum durability 30.4.2020. Customers can bring the products in the market and get the purchase price refunded.

+++ 14. March: Lidl recalls raw milk cheese of the brand, “Morbier” + + +

Due to a possible contamination with E. coli in the food Discounter Lidl recalls a raw milk cheese of the brand, “Morbier”. According to a message from the Thursday it comes to the product, “Morbier AOP made with raw milk, 250g”, if it bears the date of minimum durability 17.03.2019, the lot number 042, and the identification mark FR 25-155-001 CE of the French manufacturer SA Perrin Vermot. It was sold with the exception of Bremen, Hamburg, Saarland and Schleswig-Holstein in all of the länder. In a study called E. coli had been demonstrated in bacteria, which may in part lead to severe diarrhea. Who bought the cheese should not eat it under any circumstances, but in the case of Lidl return, – stated in the message of the discounter more.

ROA/mod/sve/jek/wlk/js / DPA


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