Actually, it is silly, because, of all the people with whom we surround ourselves anyway eight hours of every working day, should we also deal in the spare time? What sounds very wrong, is actually a great idea, precisely because we spend so much time with these colleagues. Yet so loose and at ease in the office so an event is not. Because of the room – actually, the office is replaced by the private home. Who does not want the colleagues to continue just chat from lunch in the canteen, should prepare.

The U.S. magazine “Businessweek” has rolled up on literature and good advice for such a party are collected. So you should make your children and also the Partner is clear that they will be open during this event, the door. Why? Because it is an act of courtesy. You can also directly make Jackets, the first to Drink and a small tour of the apartment. For more tips, see our photo route.



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