Dmitry Yazov: what was sitting in prison the last USSR Minister of defence

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Dmitry Yazov will forever remain in historical memory as the last Marshal of the Soviet Union, but also as the Minister of defense, accused of betraying their own Homeland. What was the reason for such verdict, and if it was cheating, really?

the Young commander

Dmitry Timofeyevich Yazov was born in 1924 in the same village Jazovo in the Omsk region. When the Great Patriotic war, Dmitry was not yet 18. But the young man rushed to the front, so I added myself at the recruiting office the missing year. He was immediately sent to school, and in 1942 Yazov appeared at the front in the rank of Lieutenant. Ordinary soldiers initially did not take the young commander seriously. Soon, however, Yazov has proved that is able not only to lead, but honestly fight along with their subordinates.

During the fighting, Dmitry Kalashnikov was twice wounded. One splinter of a shell remained forever in his mind. In 1945 for distinguished service during the war, Yazov was awarded the order of the red Star. After the Victory, he remained in the army.

the collapse of the army

many years later, namely in 1987, from the post of Minister of defense of the USSR took Sergey Sokolov and gave his place to Dmitri Yazov, by that time already were in the rank of General. The reason for the change of the Minister of defense became the famous landing on the red square of the plane’s German pilot Mathias rust.

However, the new Minister did not agree with the policies of the then leader Mikhail Gorbachev, through which the Soviet Union was moving toward dissolution. In addition, it reduced nuclear weapons power, the Soviet troops were withdrawn from many foreign countries, the number of troops was reduced. The once powerful army, which Yazov has devoted his whole life were falling apart.

Military vehicles aboutagainst his people?

In 1990, Dmitry Yazov decree, Gorbachev was promoted and became a Marshal. However, his attitude to the activities of the President of the USSR it has not changed. The newly formed Marshall still wanted to preserve the Union, and with it the Soviet army.

a year later, in August 1991, Dmitriy Yazov, along with other opponents of Gorbachev’s policies became part of the State emergency Committee (emergency Committee). It was his order to the capital then entered military equipment. Soon, however, under its wheels and killed three people. Realizing that the presence of tanks in Moscow will have a negative impact on the already troubled mood of the population and can also cause casualties among civilians, Yazov recalled back the technique.

the Arrest and Amnesty

At the end of August Marshal flies to Crimea for talks with the President, who is at his dacha in foros. But immediately after returning to the capital is in prison Matrosskaya Tishina. Yazov charged with – treason. Of course, from his post of Minister of defence he was taken down immediately.

It was released in early 1993, and in 1994 the state Duma adopted a decision on Amnesty. After the resignation of Yazov held a variety of positions in the Ministry of defense, served as an Advisor and analyst.

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