Dr. Motte (58), founder of the love parade, it has a private quiet living. “Actually, I do all the time with so much music that I’m happy, when I need to listen to any music,” said the Berlin-based DJ of the German press Agency.

30 years Ago, on 1. July 1989, founded by Dr. Motte and the Loveparade, with only 150 participants. The Parade was developed in the 90s to millions of spectacle, was later sold to a fitness Studio chain, and moved to the Ruhr area. Since the deadly mass panic in Duisburg in 2010, Techno is no longer Fixed. The rights holders stressed then that there will never be a Loveparade.

The founder Dr. Motte is not so absolute. He knows the question of a new edition in Berlin, where one has experience with large-scale events. But he says that would be a huge effort, and there is also the question of how you can Finance it at all. “It would be nice if it would work. I don’t see it but in the moment.”

“If you wanted to do this now, you need only an idea,” said Dr. Motte. The idea had to convert into a concept that needed to be structurally developed. Then there is a need for a lot of conversations with all sorts of authorities, Clubs and DJs. The last two years.

Who wants to see Dr. Motte (civil: Matthias Roeingh) as a DJ, has on 27. July at the Christopher Street Day in Berlin occasion: At the Parade, he puts on a the music wagon.



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