+++ Outdoor pool stick Heath in Dortmund closed +++

Despite the heat, an outdoor swimming pool in Dortmund remains closed – the oak processionary moth, with its dangerous hairs spoiled here in the heat Tuesday, the bathing. The swimming pool floor, Heath was locked at the time, because in the adjacent Hoesch Park numerous trees were infested with the nests of the caterpillar, said a spokesman for the city. In North Rhine-Westphalia, is expected on Tuesday with temperatures up to 37 degrees, the hottest day of the week. How long the lockout lasts, was initially unclear.

source: REUTERS

+++ peak of the heat wave on Wednesday +++

The sweating continues: The heat reached on Wednesday in Parts of Germany at its peak. Particularly in the southwest, the temperatures rise up to 39 degrees, such as the German weather service said on Tuesday in Offenbach. “In the Saarland and in the Rhine valley, we scratch the 40-degree mark,” said DWD meteorologist Andreas Friedrich. In North Rhine-Westphalia and in the North the temperatures would go back to something.

source: REUTERS

+++ fear of Blow-ups of the first speed limits on highways +++

Because of the high temperatures need to set motorists in the South of Saxony-Anhalt on additional speed limits on motorways. On several damaged sections of highways 9 and 38 of the limitations, such as the head of the state road construction authority, Uwe lang of the chamber, the German press Agency said, will apply until further notice speed. These are precautionary measures. Background: damaged concrete can break cover in the event of persistently high temperatures, abrupt, and could raise.

drought and risk of forest fire, heat wave in Germany: See here, where the sun is burning hot from the sky

the A9 between the schkeuditzer Kreuz junction and the hall was Affected – there Tempo 120 applies. A Limit of 100 kilometres per hour has been set for the A9 in the direction Munich, Naumburg and Droyßig and around white rock. On the A38 motorists to travel in both directions between Merseburg-Süd, Merseburg-Nord slower, as well as in the direction of Leipzig between Lützen and the border to Saxony.

source: REUTERS

+++ sale of fans a lot of +++

Given the heat this week, many consumers in Germany, a cover with fans. One or the other model might soon be out of stock, said a spokeswoman for Media Markt and Saturn on Monday. “With a view to the forecasted high temperatures in the coming days, we expect that the interest will again increase significantly.” Also online, fans can develop this days to hit. In the bestseller list of the online retailer Amazon has managed to get a stand fan on Monday to rank three of the best-selling electronics items.

source: REUTERS

+++ the fire brigade warns: danger to life in the car +++

+++ forest fires in Brandenburg, spreads +++

The forest fire in the Lieberoser Heide, in Brandenburg has spread. On Tuesday, around a hundred acres were already burning, as a spokesman for the district of Dahme-Spreewald in Lübben said. Around 120 officers of the fire brigade were in use and were supported by the Technical Agency. The fire broke out on Monday and had lasted until the afternoon on 70 acres. The heat, the Wind, but also the many wood promoted, therefore, the spread of the fire. Dangers existed in the district according to the ammunition load of the area. The spokesman reported that it was not a matter of the Fire to contain the fire enters the so-called red zone, which is heavily loaded with ammunition. The Region was formerly a military training ground.

source: AFP



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